Cupcake hunting


@DamJess mentioned in the stream that there are some cupcakes hidden in some levels as a reference to early builds of the game where downed hunters were turned into cupcakes, has anyone managed to locate these scrumptious secrets, or any other easter eggs in general.

Anyone noticed the Cupcake?
Seen that? :3
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First I have ever heard of it. Sounds pretty funny though.


Cupcakes? Wow, I see why the monsters love to eat the hunters.


Hunters now have more than one thing to hunt down. Let’s get it done boys! Now to see who can find them first. Let the race begin (in a couple weeks ;/ )!


@K2Ezran I guess i’m gonna be playing 16 hours a day in Rescue.


There should be a thread with a list of cupcake locations, and every time we find one we could add it into the thread!


@Rapterror That is really smart. Try it!


I would rather make it closer to launch. That way it doesn’t just sit there collecting dust. But I will certainly create it closer to release!


What if we got a skin for X number of cupcakes found?

Cupcake Goliath, anyone?


From what I understand, in early builds of the game when hunters died a cupcake appeared in their place…so they were “cupcaked” lol. I found one…it looks delicious!


You found one in a map?


Omg. Really?


I wouldn’t quite say it was “in a map” but within a certain enclosed space. :relaxed:


But there aren’t any enclosed spaces on the maps? Or wait, it wasn’t in a map… Ugh you’re too cryptic, m’lady. Tell me! I’m dying to know! :crying_cat_face:


Also, sorry if it seems like I’m spamming, but I don’t watch live streams or anything, so I wouldn’t know. @DamJess is this true?


I don’t wanna give it away. Also, I only know of the one location…I don’t know if there are more.


It’s to catch the Yordles that constantly run all over the maps.


Oh it’s ok I totally understand. COUGH COUGH i would rather like Ze locale pm meh it plz ty dont let Ze other kids no Ty COUGH COUGH


What is a Yordle?


I had to look that up just now, lol.