Cubecraft Help?


I really don’t know anything about this but my son has become obsessed with it. It is something tied in with Minecraft and he wants to buy the “Diamond” rank but I have no idea what it does for him in the game, since I assume all of the games in Cubecraft are free to play? When I go to their web site and to the store it won’t allow me to sign in unless I am a member of Cubecraft so I can’t really see what the ranks thing is all about other than seeing it on my son’s screen, and it tells me nothing really, since I don’t understand…is this one game or buying like a bunch of games like Roblox? Or is it free like Roblox and he wants to buy a rank to look awesome in blue? I have no idea and there’s no help on YouTube since everything is talking about hacking to get ranks and very not helpful…

Anyone out there that knows, can you explain this game/rank thing to me?


Never heard of it…

Minecraft, Creativerse are the same with some similarities from Roblox

I know what Roblox is :stuck_out_tongue:

Cubecraft? Still never heard of it :stuck_out_tongue:


He tells me it is a server of Minecraft but I never heard of paying for games when you get onto a server? I really don’t know. Their web site isn’t helpful at all for parents. I went there and have no clue what it is. My son tells me the games are free to play and the diamond rank gives him stuff…but I can’t really understand everything he is saying because he can’t explain it well enough in terms I understand. Like…is it like an IOS you keep having to pay money for if you want more coins to spend on the game to speed up your process or…is it something else?


So from what I see, Cubecraft seems to be some kind of public minecraft server and the ranks give special perks. Browsed some of their forums about ranks and it seems to give users certain items for creative mode I guess?

25 GBP for Lapis rank though… Thats a lot for godknows how little you get out of it…


Well if it’s on a minecraft server…it’s just another Minecraft gamemode with micro transactions. I would assume it’s like a survival pack or what.

Just ask him for his username


Yeah, the store says you have to validate your username and have to have logged into their server with said username to be able to access the store.


The Diamond rank is like $70 USD I think? That’s more than a triple A title game…from the look of his screen I don’t see everything it offers. I mean, it tells me, but since I don’t play the games I don’t understand.


Post the details here


Was about to say the same… Either way… 70 dollars on Minecraft? That immediately strikes me as “not worth it” or “ripoff”


Unless your son will hardcore play Minecraft for years to come on that server…


I just checked, and Diamond definitely doesn’t sound worth it. Gold maybe, but certainly not Diamond.


While I would need more details to make a proper assessment, $70 as a subscription to a big Minecraft server doesn’t sound like a great deal.


K, let me grab a potato…

Here is the scroll down of what this tier gives. There are a lot of tiers, and Diamond is higher middle.

Diamond (not sure why you have to click to enlarge):

My husband has told me that I need to allow our son to buy toys and games that HE wants…because when I buy games I think he would want, or that I want him to want, he doesn’t appreciate them. So, with the money he earns from birthdays and good grades we offer him the ability to buy what he wants…except that usually means digital things like in-game currency like with Roblox, so he can continue to buy more things. This irks me to no end, especially since he wants to spend every cent he has on this stuff, but at the same time I guess I see his point. Over the past couple months the games and such things I have bought him don’t get played and then he says later on that he didn’t want them anyway and would prefer this stuff. It irks me that I got him Rocket League and the Batman car…he LOVES Batman and cars but he shrugged off this gift and will only play it if I play it with him.

This is the largest amount he has ever wanted to spend on this kind of thing. I research everything he wants because sometimes games wont work on his system, and of course I want to see where the money is going. He is 8 years old. He doesn’t let up in his persistence about this stuff either. He WILL WORK for in-game currency. If he wants to renew his membership on Roblox or get more Robux coins he will be outside with my husband helping to pick up branches or chopped wood or what-have-you, just to earn it. In that sense he does work for it…but man it irks me. I’d rather he had a physical good he buys. We had a deal this year that we would buy him a new DS and pay half if he could earn the other half since he was getting tired of his old pew-3DS model…now he says he didn’t want the new DS anyway, he wants this, because he wants “more stuff” in the game.

This, to me, goes back to creative mode and such where you get everything handed to you. I can’t say he doesn’t want to work for it, because he will work physically, just not in a game. Say he wants diamonds in Minecraft…he would probably pay us to dig them out for him if we were in survival mode because he sure doesn’t want to have to “work” for them…but he will go clean his room and organize everything in his area in order to earn money to buy that ability. Know what I mean?


I asked him why he wants Diamond over Gold and he says since he has the money, he wants to buy Diamond to get more stuff. If he had $200 he’d probably want Obsidian.


(forgive my ramblings but)
At the end of the day, this seem more like a matter of trusting your child to make a worthwhile purchase.

We all value different things. I’m probably a lot like you, since I wouldn’t spend $70 for premium access on a Minecraft server. But that doesn’t nessesarily mean it is a waste if money. If he would really enjoy that, and this server is one of the things he values most, then it would be a good purchase.

Which leads me to the question of how much he actually wants this Diamond Rank. How long has he been asking for this? Longer/more passionately than most things? Correct me if I’m wrong but from what you’ve described it sounds like he has a bit of a history of going off things, like the DS. The grass is always greener on the other side. It’s human nature to place far greater value on the things we don’t own, and then lose interest once we have them.

Then again you mentioned how he often earns his in-game currency by helping out around the house. If he dosent do that for many other things, perhaps that shows how much he enjoys those sorts of things.

Briefly looked up some details on this server and its ranks:

  • It seems that CubeCraft is an assortment of different Minecraft mini-games and maps. Each have their own ruleset and offer different experiences.

  • The ranks are not nessesarily ‘buying’ anything, but more just supporting the server. It’s better to think of them as donations to keep the server running, and you are given an assortment of little perks and goodies as a thank you.

  • Some people have argued that the ranks are overpriced.

The decision will ultimately come down to you and your partner. It is important to allow your child to spend his money on the things he wants, but at the same time acknowledge your role as a parent to protect him from bad decisions. My advice would be one of the following:

  • Assuming it is his money that he wants to spend, let him. But make it clear that he has to accept the fact that he has now spent all of his money. This is more of a tough-love approach as if he ends up regretting his purchase, well, tough. May help provide a better sense of valuing money. Then again it might not. I don’t know your child anywhere near enough.

  • Let him buy one of the smaller ranks. It seems like your not actually ‘buying’ anything, but just giving donations to help the server and getting a ‘thank you’ in the form of goodies. Plus I have heard that they may be a bit overpriced. You mentioned he’d go for max rank if he had the moolah, so this may be a good compromise.

  • Don’t buy him anything yet. See how much he still wants this rank in a few weeks time. Plus, let him sit you down and explain everything this rank would give him, or enable him to do that he can’t otherwise. Gives you a better understanding of why he wants it, and helps you to gauge if this is just a fad or not.

Don’t know if this was helpful or not (after all, I’m not even a parent), but feel free to keep me updated or bounce any ideas off me. Having an outsiders’ opinion can often help one reach a better conclusion. :slight_smile:


I do have input, but not on the Cubecraft thing. Not a huge fan of Minecraft to begin with, so I’d never spend money on it.

I feel I should explain something, shed a bit of light on your son’s PoV because for years my parents did the same thing you do.

This is what I’m talking about.

For YEARS, my parent bought games for me, thinking they always knew what games I liked, when ultimately 90% got finished and never touched again, and they only got finished because I felt bad telling my parents that I didn’t like it, when they really tried to be nice and put effort into getting stuff for me. This only really stopped when I turned 17 and decided it was time to tell them. I felt so bad, though.

I think this may be a case of the same thing, except he finds his joy in this one game, and I can’t say I blame him. I’ve come across F2Ps that had me going for a long time and I have spent quite a sum of money on them (like fucking Warframe. I have spent a few hundred on that, maybe $400?). In the end, it’s not a whole lot different than buying another game. It’s unlocking content, privileges, and things you couldn’t otherwise do, except it’s on something you definitely enjoy, and will continue to enjoy for a long time to come. In such a case, what’s wrong with supporting it?

Also, it’s better than most stuff of similar origin that have a monthly cost or some kind of regular subscription/repurchase. It’s only one buy that he’ll have to make, as opposed to an ongoing thing. Much better in the long run because he enjoys it, and it’s not 100% pointless.

I won’t pretend to know how you feel on the subject or tell you the best course of action, but I do have an idea of how he feels, even with the limited information I’ve been given. I won’t say “let him do what he wants”, but I can safely say in this particular instance, that a single expensive purchase is FAR better than successive purchases that are usually equally expensive for something he might not enjoy nearly as much.


Well one, what’s the matter with him doing physical work but not in game work? This is good! Doing chores is what a kid needs!

But two, what’s the matter with your husband? You NEED to buy your son toys and games??? This is how people go broke most of the time…


I think she meant that they can’t keep buying him stuff they want to buy him, and instead let him make his own game choices.

Again, not that they NEED to buy him stuff, but that he should have a choice in what he does get.


Yeah, this ^
Also, thanks for the advice guys. We will wait and see how passionate he really is about the Diamond rank over the next week. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me but then again, I enjoy different things than he does.