CSGO TurtleRock Easter Egg


The one game that I play a lot other than Evolve happens to be CSGO and I was watching a few random videos on you tube as you do and came across this rather cool sign.

I know TRS were obviously working with Valve for L4D but started with the early counter strikes

If you no clip it is hidden in the roof by ramp. Not sure if anyone would bat an eyelid but I thought it was pretty sweet! :DD



Yeah I have seen this before and now I do recall them working on source and all. Then L4D was of course a mod of that.



They’re everywhere!


I found that in Garry’s Mod of all things when playing on a CS map.


That’s amazing, I wonder if there is more. I have Counter Strike from the Valve bundle, however haven’t had time to play it.


Yeah its a great game but like Evolve takes a long time learn and become good at.