CSGO Players? :D

Anyone out there who plays CSGO? What’s your rank? Did you watch the faceit finals last night?
[Puppy eyes] ;w;

Well bet you saw that I play cs go :stuck_out_tongue: (gold nova 3 atm, but I didn’t play for 1 1/2 years was too dota 2 addicted). Back when I was activ, I was DMG (Distinguished Master Guardian)

I’m Global Elite, actually. :slight_smile:


I don’t remember, but I am a pretty low rank. I am not a very good CSGO player. It is really hard to rank up in that game.

gg next girl who is better than me :sob: (jk)

you can join the “lets carry Knippser club” haha

Actually I’ve never played CSGO in my life and I have no idea what it is other than it’s some form of PC MOBA game.

shshshshhh don’t make all the nerds angry its not a “Moba” its a shooter ^^

Oh really? A shooter? What? But it has like…Magic…And stuff…Or am I getting confused?

confused :smiley: cs go = counter strike global offensive

Is there actually a person in this world who doesn’t know Counter Strike?

damn I just realise, she fooled me -.- , she knew there is something like global elite => she knows cs go


I looked up “Highest CS:GO Rank” and used that. :stuck_out_tongue:

gg wp, little tip: Try cs go out you can get it at steam sales for like 3€ ~3,30$ and its worth the money :wink:

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I play CS:GO an awful lot. I am currently DMG on my main and nova master on my dirty dirty smurf I use with my uni friends.

Here’s a video from a rather dominant game last night:

I suck at it, and thus play only Demolition and Arms Race… yeah. Totally haven’t even finished those ten matches you have to to get a rank.

I don’t know CS:GO. I’ve heard of it, never bothered looking it up.
Not something that’s ever interested me.

Yeah but you don’t know what counter-strike is at all?

It’s some kind of shooter like CoD or something. People have an obsession about gun skins or something.
Like I said, not something interesting to me. ^.-


Yes, yes I did. I hear people talking about CS:GO, much like they do in CoD. Hacker complaints, weapon skins or something, and 1 shotting people with snipers. I haven’t heard anyone say anything unique about the game. ^.^