CS:GO Cheating Scandal and Wildstar Economy in Ruins from Exploiters


Here is the reddit post linked…

Seeing as how this post about KQLY being banned is currently on the front page, here’s a little background.

CS:GO is a tactical FPS game, with a large and storied competitive scene. This year we have 4 “major” tournaments with prize pools of $250,000 one of which is coming up in a few short weeks. [EDIT: Dreamhack winter actually starts next week, thanks /u/its_JustColin]

Recently, a player named smn admitted to hacking, as posted here: http://www.hltv.org/blog/8946-cheating-issues-what-to-do

This quote referred to a cheat that ran via the “steam cloud” and would be possible to use at any LAN event without detection. this player, smn, was included in a Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) ban which hit hit today, along with a VERY prominent player in the pro scene (KQLY) while he was training with his team. The team are contacting Valve with regard to the ban. This calls into question everything KQLY and his team have accomplished while he was a member, and even things from previous teams

The list in the HLTV thread above has been said to be false, but because KQLY is on that list, the interest in other pros is very high at the moment as cheating is always a very large issue. You may recall the Gabe Newell himself came here to post about what VAC does and doesn’t do in order to try to catch cheaters. This HLTV admin makes some claims as to what is being done by the developers of these cheats.

Hopefully this gives you some background so you can understand the attention it’s getting. If I missed anything please include in a comment and I’ll update.

EDIT: Some new info via Rizla about the hacking scene.

EDIT2: Live reaction from SCREAM (another pro) who was streaming when this hit with interesting insights, including “He took my fucking place” [on team Titan].


EDIT3: Kioshima has cleaned out everything from his inventory that is tradable. All that remains are coins/trophies and missions which you can’t trade. Suspicious! (RE-EDIT: apparently he has been hacked/scammed out of his account)

EDIT4: LPKANE of ESEA has confirmed they worked with Valve

EDIT5: [DAY2] smn streamed and provided a bunch of followup info to his original leaks and accusations. (thanks /u/hellsing14) including:

  1. The list was from him, but he didn’t want to be associated with it.
  2. Hack was Aim assistance, and 95% of the listed players use it
  3. someone said the 8th and 12th shots were programmed to be headshots.
  4. 30-40% of the pro scene is hacking

EDIT 6: Statement from KQLY, and statement from Titan also Epsilon release sF in an official post.

I’m sure many of you have heard about this, just wondering what people from the community think and feel about this. As a person that has only played Counter Strike in a limited fashion, but follow competitive Dota (where a professional player FNG has been VAC banned, and the speculation is around CS:GO which is what brought my attention to this issue), I am still very interested in this and how this effects future competitive CS:GO and E-sports in general.

Here are some interesting links describing the madness (if you read the comments in these threads you’ll get a sense of the magnitude of discontent over there) over at Wildstar currently

TL:DR Apparently across the servers “top” guilds have seized control of 90% of the economy in some cases and bought every game time and worthwhile items and reposting for incredible profit. As a lot of the community requested server resets, the response from the devs were “Please don’t exploit, we’ll ban some ppl we promise”. Meanwhile I’ve gotten two emails describing how many awards Wildstar won and Buy Now its 33% off.


I despise cheaters. This is an oldie but a goodie. Also filmed with a potato. That being said I haven’t been a part of the CS professional scene after the revised version of CS came out for source. Used to play a lot back in the day though.


While this surely sucks I hate what it does to the overall community. Now every nice play will suddenly be questioned and every pro player is going to be under suspicion. Lets not jump to too much heat as of now.

Sad that a few egoistic people hurt the ENTIRE scene, players, sponsors, viewers, eventhosts and the overall reputation


One bad apple :frowning:


Big news, CS players like to cheat! It’s unprecedented (insert sarcasm)


It kinds of reminds me of baseball…eventually players hit a certain skill threshold/wall of what they can accomplish through simple training and strategy, and cheat to become better. I’m honestly not surprised.


Really hope nothing like this happens to Evolve. Mario Kart Wii was an awesome game that was ruined by hackers. I guess it’s about money with CS that causes people to cheat. Almost makes me hope Evolve doesn’t get that big that cheating/hacking idiots get interested in it.
I do want this game to succeed massively and if viable have tournaments but not if it’s to the detriment of the game and community.


What does that say about sports and esports that we expect them to cheat?


Well, there’s a difference being being potentially unsurprised and actually expecting individuals to cheat. But yes, I suppose that’s accurate. Maybe it’s the pressure of playing at the top level that keeps them looking for the next advantage, until eventually they take that step that is considered cheating?

The interesting thing is that we have games with longevity like CS which, after being played for so long, players get to a stupidly proficient level. I imagine their practice and improvement seem to start following the law of diminishing returns, and they feel pressured to take that next step which may inhabit a legal gray area (or be clearly illegal, in this case).


cs:go has a giant hacker community that even includes the pro player? wow, thats… so surprising. (/irony)
Seriously, thats not one bad apple, its more like a very few good apples between a lot of bad ones.


Here’s Total Biscuits video talking about it in the beginning for a little bit

Seems like Valve has been putting more money into it being an esport, and since they make a decent amount of money off of CS:GO they have a huge imperative now to reestablish its credibility.

For me its disappointing having an entire community’s integrity now being questioned over some players decisions. I don’t see how this is very beneficial to players even if they were winning. If they were ever caught they could never participate in that scene again, (unless they were so bad they couldn’t compete at all without the cheats) I don’t see how it was beneficial when as the scene grows there’s only more opportunities for them to earn money even if they didn’t win 1st place every time. But that is the whole nature of cheating… short term benefit with disregard for long term consequences.


LOL…i remember this vid…still classic


good read right here:




Yea I read that it was linked somewhere in the Reddit post… All this shit went down because one whiney person wanting a hack. wtf …


That’s pretty much how it went down. At least he exposed pro players that should not be making any money. Now everyone knows what the hack is called and who the coder is by their alias name.


Part two from the same poster:



Oh thanks i’ll check it out, the last one made me laugh and slightly curious… :smiley:


agree…also found this from some other poster on that website, this is the suppose coder responding to the alligations who makes the cheat:


Honor among thieves kinda thing. Adds another dimension to what’s going on. This is shaping up to be a really good read so far!