CS:GO Asiimov Anti-Material Rifle Skin


In collaboration with Valve, Turtle Rock Studios and 2K games they are announcing a special edition CS:GO Asiimov Skin for Val’s Anti-Material Rifle to anyone who pre-ordered. The skin will be unlocked instantly and available for use at launch.

Disclaimer: This is fake =D. Just a fan-made idea

@MacMan @SlabOMeat Whatcha guys think?

Hyde - Warthog Minigun Skin
Cosplay and Fan Art

Brought to you by the DAHL corporation.


No clue why Valve would be involved though :stuck_out_tongue:


Because you can’t spell Valve without Val :smiley:


Very nice looking wish it was real


Bro, Valve owns CS. TRS would need their permission IF this was real. Trying to make it as real as possible man! :slight_smile:


we are simply misunderstanding each other, I was wondering why Valve would be involved in the creation, which is what I understood from your text before you edited it :stuck_out_tongue:


Maaan, now the thought of the possibility of having cross promotional Evolve goodies in TF2 is starting to drive me mad.

Confound you @Slewey, I’m supposed to be kicking my TF2 addiction!

I think I’m coming down with the vapors.


It was time consuming getting the details right, but happy with the end result.

Thanks for the comment!

Edit: added the real Asiimov for comparison


So this is love at it’s truest form. I can die peacefully now


Edit: Fixed an error with the scope.


I want to turn this into a client-sided elite skin replacement