Crysis 1 (and rest of series)


I’ve played all of the Crysis games, and loved them,and recently decided to return to the first one.
The graphics are surprisingly good, given that the game was released 8 years ago (2007). Of course, “very high” graphics probably only compares to “medium” by modern gaming standards, but the graphics certainly don’t diminish the games enjoyability, and the scale of the island is certainly decent.

So this all came about when I decided to go through the Crysis series again. Having only played Crysis 1 once, and recalling it as an “OK” game before going into the fun of Crysis 2, which featured a nano suit with built in extra speed and strength capabilities, I wasn’t expecting much. So I was surprised to find myself loving every moment of the game. Am really enjoying the storyline, and the different approaches to each situation, including stealth, brute force, and more often than not, a mixture of the 2. I’ve also found myself enjoying the sniping from a distance tactic, which I rarely find myself doing these days.

If you’re looking for a nice campaign, I’d definitely recommend this game - and at 12 dollars for the Crysis 1 “maximum edition”, you can’t go far wrong!
Edit : Or you can get all 3 off of origin for £14.99

Am looking forward to playing through the whole series, and although all 3 are great fun, I think Crysis 1 is set to be my favourite out of the 3!

Any other Crysis fans? Which one was your favourite, and why. Don’t forget to hide the spoilers, if they are story related!

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Only played Crisis 3 and it was pretty fun! Multiplayer was my favorite part.

Also look at Shadow of the Colossus. Those graphics are amazing for 2005(?) I think is when it came out.

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You and I will never let this game go. As I was reading the OP’s post I was thinking, “You know what’s even more impressive? ***SOTC.***”

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I will demand I’m buried with a copy of it.

It’s a gaming experience I’ll never forget.


I want this to be written on my tombstone.

Here lies Tate James
Vanquished whilst facing the 17th Colossus

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@Rapterror @10shredder00
Way to derail my thread guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the game recommendation tho. Is there a second one out as well? Think I’ve heard of a second one

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ICO. Came out before SotC but is the sequel also sorry for derailing. I’ll stop now :stuck_out_tongue:


ICO is the prequel to SOTC. A sequel is in the works called The Last Guardian.

SOTC is a BEAUTIFUL game. A must play. A timeless classic. Words can not describe the immeasurable beauty if SOTC.


Aw, I hate to be one of the few people to speak on topic and be negative. However, I played 2 and 3 and found them to be pretty bland. Two was the game that wouldn’t end and when people complained about how short 3 was, I thought it was about right. I found it hard to give a damn about any of the characters or the story.

I will say, the MP for 2 was fun and it was even better in 3 until they nerfed the hell out of everything and ruined their own game, in my opinion. Private matches were still a blast, though. Underwater boxing or REC charge only matches anyone? The creativity was pretty endless.


No worries - everyone has their own opinions about games. As long as you don’t post your opinion as fact, and act like an arse, its all cool :wink:

I can understand finding the second and third bland if you haven’t played the first. The gameplay is different, but personally I prefer the large beautiful island in the first one. Am playing through it now, and would recommend!

What do you mean about the second one never ending? Long campaigns are good :stuck_out_tongue:
Unless they’re pointlessly over stretched. Is that what you feel happened in the second one?

The nanosuit “evolves” over the games, but I actually prefer only being able to use one power at a time,whereas in the later games, speed and jump become “inbuilt” into the suit.

Pity you didn’t enjoy the games much. I must confess to having a lot less enjoyment fighting Ceph than fighting humans, which is why I much prefer the first half of Crysis 2 to the rest of 2


Yeah, I don’t generally like long campaigns. When someone advertises a 40 hour campaign or whatever that makes me not wanna buy it. Also, yes, I just found the gameplay pretty bland. As I said, I wasn’t invested in the characters or story and there wasn’t enough variety in the enemies or gameplay to really keep my interest. Overall, I find Crysis to be a pretty forgettable series. Not great, not terrible, just okay. Just how I feel.


I looooovve the original. A lot.


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That said, double post inbound!

Anyone here played the modded game? Just changing the lighting engine and using HD textures can make it look almost like Crysis 2. It gets even better if you can install things like the Real Vegetation Mod… I loved it.

Onto gameplay, I don’t like fighting Ceph. I just don’t. It was cool on specific points trough 1 and 2, but they’re just bland compared to the real human threats. Heck, I still remember the Delta difficulty KPA patrols getting the jump on me and then actually covering their backs once I started picking them off. Plus they knew how to use the grenades they got… not many games know how to do that properly. Hell of a lot of fun.

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It looks so beautiful already! Can it get better?
Bear in mind that I can actually play with very high settings, but if I upgraded the textures it’s possible that I wouldn’t be able to, thus decreasing how good the game looks? Don’t know if that is in any way logical/and or makes sense.

I completely agree on fighting the Ceph. Find it so much more fun to feel like an awesome hidden predator with the nanosuit, yet they are still dangerous


You have no idea… the lighting changes tend to help a bit, while not being much of a nuisance to the GPU requirements.

The HD textures? Bloody overkill. I… My GTX670 can nail the game down easily, but with the mods, it started to get interesting. They used most of the power, plus some of it is VRAM-heavy. I ended up playing with very low AA on a custom hihg-ultra hybrid. And it still looked much better than the original.

Also, yeah. The Ceph were fun in the Core, during the “run away” parts of Exodus, and then in Reckoning’s CQC down near the reactor. Otherwise they felt kinda dumb. They had a lot of power and mobility, but there wasn’t any logical behavior. They just charged you, using that power. Sure you could sneak past them, and it still worked, but they felt really dumbed down.