CryEngine Error . I beg for help!

Hi I have a problem. Namely 1 month later I turned Evolve Stage 2 and game play ~5-6 min.After this time game turned off and in my deskop appeared information :

       CryEngine Error

Memory allocation for 2326833274 bytes failed,
LevelHeapActive: no, Alignment: 0

I played on this game 24H and i not have this problem

I can send screenshot on e-mail or Facebook messange

This is link to my profile in Steam:

PLS give me fast help
Evolve is my favorite game

thanks for any help.

PS sorry for my english. I m not live in country where is being used english every day.

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First of all try to use “Verify integrity” in steam. It may redownload some files and this may fix your problem.

Someone else on the forum had this same error and they said this solved the problem for them:

Thanks. but i not have steam folder in %appdata%.