Crows, they are intellegent

Just watch this, and not be amazed (unless you have seen this already)

So how soon until the crows take over?
Edit: make sure you see the video at 13:53


Central Intelligence has been breached! Start plan Crows Rampage Over World!

They already have


You misspelled crows They’ve also used rocks to raise the water level of beakers.

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I’ve had a few too many brownies okay?
I’m not all here.

I’m just trying to help and spread knowledge about the scary ass crows that will eventually be our mutant overlords.

Time to pull out the “I love crows” hat to protect my family.

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Guys… Back in Wales, I believed I was being followed by a big crow O.o
(Best one when it was in my backyard. Had 25 seconds looking at it)

I think it was plotting your kidnapping. Or how large a stick it would need to poke you out of the house.


Judging by it’s size… It was probably just waiting for me to step outside for it to abduct me! :scream:
(well, not really but still >.<)


Nope thats totally what it was doing. You should start watching this documentary in preparation for the inevitable final confrontation between you and it.

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El Tigre… You’re supposed to help me fight the fear… But instead… You’re telling me to be afraid >.<

@MaddCow weren’t you suppose to protect us from the bird apocalypse?

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Embrace the fear let it make you stronger and become Man-Bird. Like the American folk hero Batman

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Actually, I took the liberty of calling myself Killer Krow as my made up DC Anti-Hero >.<
… In the House… :blush:

(hey is there a thread that let’s you sate your favourite Hero, Villain etc? O.o)

Nope go make it. I’m gonna go take a nap.

… too shy :blush:

How bout tommorow huh? ^^

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