Crow's Stasis and Kraken


Perhaps i missed something form the update, but did they tone down how much stasis effects Kraken or something. I’ve been having some major issues with the pairing. I’ve lit him up with charged shots in mid air and if anything it seems to GIVE him traversals. He was darting around more than I’ve ever seen him move (may be the new AI on that part). Literally does nothing to pull him to the ground though. Was on defend and pegged him and he stopped moving for whatever reason mid air and fell at the rate you might fall at outside of combat, if not slower. Even when on ground it seems bugged. I was clipping one S2 and he just kept strolling along like I hadn’t even hit him. It seems to work fine on the other monsters, so what’s up with Kraken? (and before you ask, yes these were charged shots; the regular rounds seem useless to me)


I think there’s something going on with both Kraken’s air burst speed and how he reacts to stasis & tranq effects, because I’ve seen him zipping around at incredible speeds since the patch, and there’s a rather long & inconsistent delay between hitting him with something that should pull him out of the sky and when he actually starts descending, if at all. I’m not sure if tranq & stasis are even working properly on Kraken when he’s on the ground, it just brings him down. They no longer effect his flight speed at all, so getting him on the ground & slowed is the whole point.


I’m fine with not slowing his air speed. That’s his deal, but if I can’t put him on the ground it pretty much makes trappers crowd control useless. Kraken is the hardest for T4 to handle simply because of how they play and how he plays, which is fine; but I feel like this was supposed to be the hard counter for him and your way to lock him down, and it seems bugged. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. It doesn’t seem to slow him on the ground either though, at least for me. Usually when you stasis a monster you can (obviously) see the difference, as well as hear it. When I slow Kraken it still sounds and looks like hes strolling along just fine. In the air it’s like it starts to work and then he traverses and it resets, but the blue bands remain. Rather irritating considering how fast traversal recharges for him mid combat.


Kraken is the fastest thing in game right now as far as I’m concerned, even Wraith has a hard time being as juke happy as Kraken is. I also agree that it seems to me like stasis (charged) from Crow’s rifle doesn’t seem to bring the Kraken down at all. May just be perception and a growing frustration with how difficult playing against Krakens is though :smile:


Meh, i dunno. It’s weird, but it is what it is. Honestly I just got to the point I stopped stasising completely and just used the rifle. Was getting more done that way for sure. As annoying as it all is, the nice thing is that he’s pretty easy to find! It just comes back to the whole thing about you shouldn’t have to pick certain characters to have to beat certain monsters thing. Does anyone know if Abe’s stasis still works like it did before on Kraken or is it all slowing effects now? If I recall they were supposed to change how Val’s tranqs worked in air if I’m not mistaken, but not sure about anything else.


Gonna ask to have this moved over to the Kraken flight mechanics on 1.3 and 2.0 thread, or at least leave this link and have it closed. Hey @DamJess or @MacMan, caa I get a hand over here? Thanks!


Same feeling here, could not get a Kraken to land with the Stasis gun, and I was keeping him under the effect almost 24/7 …


Feeling you there man. I don’t know what it is. Maybe they made it weaker because they thought it would be easier to pull him down with that, idk. Regardless, it kinda sucks…


I don’t think it is. I was working on Crow’s mastery using charged shots only against Kraken and it worked only like 50% of the time maybe, and when it did it was on a delay of several seconds before he descended. (This is without following up with an uncharged shot, which actually replaces the more powerful charged shot effect for some reason.)


The zipping around is problems with the physics system, if I get what you’re meaning to say.


Well, there’s the physics bug which was a problem before, but the Kraken air burst seems to be on crack since 2.0, and it wasn’t even like this after the 1.3 changes on PC. Sometimes it zooms faster than I’ve ever seen Kraken move - it looks and feels too fast & kinda jerky/inconsistent/glitchy.


This sounds like a major bug, if it is the case.

I thought that such effects were supposed to slow stamina regeneration.

At least we have Torvald as an Assault that isn’t completely terrible against a flying Kraken.


I honestly had never seen any physics problems with the Kraken until 2.0. Now it’s really often, it’s pinball time with every little thing. Sometimes when playing you notice you’re flying really fast without control of your direction. Or get shot to the maximum height.
The skating happens a lot with the Goliath too.


Yeah, it’s all over the place. It happens straight up sometimes and he ends up at the highest possible elevation, but I see it mostly when he’s air bursting, it’s very jerky and inconsistent now. I haven’t played him much but I might test it out.


The patch notes for 2.0 state that tranq no longer effects kraken’s flight speed because it brings him down instead. I wonder if the same holds true for the rest of the stasis abilities by accident or on purpose?


They intentionally made it so tranq & stasis don’t effect flight speed, but it’s supposed to bring him to the ground pretty much right away, and it doesn’t.


Reminds me of Maggie, if the Kraken avoids the ground then her harpoons just won’t ever pull him down.


My buds and I noticed after the patch the Kraken seem to have infinite amounts of traversals and nothing can pull it down from the skies.


Krakens traversal recharges quickly when he’s on the ground, especially when you take the traversal buff (my favorite with kraken). Might this be what’s happening?

Not trying to discredit you, merely point out things that could cause the appearance of infinite traversal while stasis’d.


Could be a possibility, but there was times when it’s an AI Kraken and a player takes over and it seem like he was zipping around the battlefield more then usual.