Crows Sniper Rifle

Played Crow a few times, I must say a fair trapper, able to spot the monster, slow him down. There is just one thing I don’t get, and that is the sniper rifle. I think Crow is the only person that can damage a monster’s health bar with any amount of armor, and this, I’d get if it was like an asault or, a support like Kala, but a trappers main purpose in my opinion is to slow the monster down, so his teammates can dish out damage. When playing as crow, I feel like some people will forget about the stasis gun and dish out health damage as it tries to get away. If evolve comes back (type in Change. Org and type in evolve and sign the petition) I think Crow could still deal health damage, but tone it down where the monster has at least like a bar or 2 of health to be confident enough with his armor to fight the hunters, or possibly make his adaption support or assault hunter, like Kala, able to deal health damage as armor is still up. (Gobi is still useful as a support, like buckets UAV, or could possibly seek buffs and give hunters buffs by being a delivery bird, I have no idea about assault though)

That’s a really bad move and the played can only to be blamed. It adds some more strategy to him, when to charge and when to spam fire and besides it doesn’t do that much health damage


Yes, it’s actually happening more than a few times, especially when I play with a crow player. Players that use crow sometimes just don’t remember they have a stasis gun for a reason, then a stage one monster can get away. It fustrates me. But this doesn’t go for everyone

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As a former monster main and trapper, I feel like Crow’s armor piercing damage isn’t bad. I feel like it is a true barometer of skill though, you know you’ve got a good Crow when he know when to pull out the stasis gun and when to dish out the hurt.

My usual crow play consisted of switching between Gobi and stasis rifle while hunting, and once spotted, charge a shot from stasis rifle, run in and drop the dome.

Inside the dome I’d focus on getting charge stasis shots off (I was pretty skilled at it, even before the speed buff), and then just unloading 2 magazines of the longrifle into him, and than redoing everything (I ran quick swap I believe, allowed my to hit a fully charged stasis shot, switch, empty 2 magazines of the long rifle, switch again, and the effect would about run out once I hit him again, basically making so he was perma-stasis).

The only time I’d use the charge function of the long rifle was in the chase game, right before starting a dome fight, or if the monster had a slither of health to begin with.

The dps on the spam fire is way higher, so you should always try to get the armor down quicker, as to allow more people to do health damage


Some practice solves that problem really well. At first, whenever I played Crow, I always forgot the Stasis Gun. After 6-12 matches, I got the hang of it. I was even said that I was hacking for not letting the monster go. And I mained Crow until they released Renegade Abe.

The strategy about the rifle is to dish out armor damage at first, and if the monster flees with low health, poking it through the armor. It’s really scary in the hands of a good Crow.

I would always use:

Stasis for Stage 1 encounters. The Monster usually wants to run away at this point so hindering that is a good idea. When chasing the Monster out of the dome, I’d keep Charged shots ready to keep us on the tail and chipping away at health.

Semi auto Sniper most of the time if we were getting really good damage in a dome and didn’t need the CC.

Charged shots only in situational circumstances like a Stage 3 Relay standoff where they keep armoring up or when they had very low health and a lot of armor.

Agreed, Crow is a very scary hunter in the hands a good trapper

That moment when you’re in a match and you have a Dip as a Crow who doesn’t charge his Sniper Rifle to kill the Stage 3 Behemoth with a mountain of Armor but literally only one HP point left and you lose because of this and then the Monster Player has the balls to say “Yeah I won because of my own personal skill, Git Gud you crummy Lazarus players who all just do nothing but run and hide.”

Fukin triggered me beyond every sort of belief…

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Hahaha! People need to have common sense in this game sometimes

I honestly couldn’t tell what I was more mad at…

The Dip Crow who I sent multiple messages to and yelled at over the mic or the douche Behemoth Player who acted like it was all him that won him the game and that he was calling out me, as Lazarus, and all other smart Lazarus Players as COWARDS when I was the last person alive doing mad jukes dodging his Behemoth Monster.

We only lost because he started to cheese the relay with Rock Wall and it was uh… what was it… not Fusion Plant but the other map that looks completely like it in terms of daylight and environment with the big waterfall at the top that went way down to the bottom. God I can’t remember the name…

Anyway it was an indoor Relay and nobody else was getting in there to stop him from destroying the Relay and it had no health left so I threw myself at him as a last ditch effort and we lost from there.

I really can’t tell… if anything a lot of the blame goes to that Trapper for simply not using one single final charged shot.

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Oi, all those Rock wall spammers are the best, don’t you agree, haven’t found a counter for that crap yet

Refueling tower? Dam?

Depending on the map you could just encircle them but if they have Three Points into the ability then the only real counter is to have someone like Assault hugging the Behemoth and just keeping him alive in between the Rock Walls.

That and/or use Cabot to shoot thru the walls or place a Bucket Turret in there with him.

@BearStream Refueling Tower… yeah that one because it wasn’t the Dam.

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