Crows secondary fire for his gun needs to be changed and a suggestion to fix it


I’ve been playing evolve since it first came out love playing the monster but this whole crap of shooting through armor is really ticking me off especially when its paired with Val,Lazarus,Lennox,Torvalds, or Cabots damage amplifiers on it mows through the actual health like crazy and when you play a squishy monster aka wraith its damn near impossible to recover later on without that extra bits of health. I wouldn’t have any problems with this mechanic if it wasn’t for the fact it does so much when paired with any amplifiers on. It makes those games that are nitty and gritty to the last of the monsters health and the hunters with the last death stack on have a true to the last man standing game. But with crow it makes it impossible to come back as the monster. My suggestion to fix this is that crows charge should be changed to double armor damage and when the armor is gone it does increased damage to the monsters health when its exposed. If you agree or have a suggestion let me know.


No way, charged shots bypassing armor is too good. He can change the flow of a match. It can make mosnters completely focus him if they want to survive when low health. Which gives the medic a chance to back him up.


I’ve never been particularly bothered by Crow. Even as the Wraith. I always target him if he’s in a match because of that gun though, just because I loathe taking health damage.


Ya out of all the things crow needs fixed, that is not it. Now if we are talking along the lines of being able to zoom in after charging a shot that would be awesome. For some reason that hasn’t even been addressed yet


Crow has gum? Ahhhhhhhhhhh now it all makes sense. Got the chew, and everything is fine.


Lennox doesn’t amplify any damage. you might mean torvald since he can do weakpoints. unless you’re just talking about her keeping you off a single hunter

the charged rifle deals around 100damage i believe (hadn’t looked at it yet) but i guess the potential damage it could do would be rather large albiet difficult to do.

Headshot (2x) + damage amp (2x) could make it around 400damage if all those stack properly

however, the likelihood of that is small to occur multiple times. and it would be better to fire charged shots normally than to focus on such a small opportunity of that high of a potential.

in addition to this, why dont you give us the strategy you were trying to do in that match up? I don’t play entirely too much due to a lack of available time, however, strategy is my forte so i can help


I’m happy with the way Crow works right now. Adds variety and diversity to the game you have to respect his ability and adapt accordingly…

every time u get meled it resets the charge shot animation so … there are ways for counter play .

theres no need for fix as its not broken.

And seriously are you having trouble with a crow cabot comp ? You have no hard CC to worry about… only charged stasis shot that too its hard to land. and when charging crow cant move at topspeed like jack so it takes skill to land shots.

Crow cabot comp is a very squishy comp… if they have laz just juggle crow around and run till stage 3, if they have val juggle her around and win.

If Crow is landing headshots while being amped even when your are moving around then he earned it respect that.


depends on if there’s a lennox or not. (a good) lennox punishes single target focusing that isnt her.

torvald isnt bad at it either. and markov says hi.


With cabot I prefer harpoons but stasis CAN work too, it’s just REALLY hard due to the monster is not stopping to focus on person but the upside is if you can kite long enough to get that dmg getting strikes won’t really matter since then the monster needs to go after Crow or he loses. Armor or not.


i saw that edit there. sneaky sneaky.


You saw nuttin’.


To answer your question this was the team comp that wiped me out amazingly fast. Val,Crow,Cabot, and Torvald. The combo of Vals slow, mixed with Cabots damage amplifier on, and yes I did forget to put down Torvalds damage amp it made it damn near hellish to even attempt to go after him as a squishy in this case Wraith the trade off to getting him is a massive loss of armor and health while the medic is nice and far away keeping the monster locked down and or reving crow back up.


rather interesting though. although you modified a posted comment, it shows no edit.

does this mean there in a character limit before it brings up a modifier history? or is it time based?


doesnt matter. but interesting to know?


Possibly, not sure.


/o/ You didn’t see that. No evidence left behind, ha.


against that comp, i would of focused Torvald hard. but it depends on the skills you took. abduction is good against torvald because it gives you an extra way to dodge a mortar hit and saves a traversal that would allow you to warp into him, hit a heavy, warp blast…etc.


This again leads the problem of Crow punishing your Actual health while you have both Cabots and Torvalds amps running while Val is tranqing you down for Crow to easily land the charged shots.


but wouldn’t you sacrifice a smaller amount of health to take down the guy who can destroy your armor quickly, then destroy your health even faster than crow would of in the same duration?

torvald’s mortars deal a whopping 990damage without capacity (1386 with). thats over TWO ARMOR BARS AND NEARLY AN ENTIRE HEALTH BAR.

letting crow deal a couple hundred damage to your health if much better then letting torvald get through your armor to eat you for dinner. especially when you factor in cabot’s amp on mortars…


I play a lot crow , I mean a lot I’m rank 3 in global for most played crow. On average I can do about half bar health damage perdome vs wraith. But vs good mitigating wraith I can only get about 1 or 2 chargeshots , Unless your burning traversals mindlessly and getting stasis and tranqued in open without traversal its pretty hard to get a good headshot on a mitigating wraith. I get to charge shot on chase but most of them will be limb shots. ( Always have atleast 1 traversal in buffer when you use warpblast coz that’s when I can 100% connect a stasis shot)

Vs a brawling wraith however I do get some good chargeshot opportunities but even then I haven’t got more than 1 bar of health per dome vs a wraith.

The comp you mentioned I agree its brutal for stage 1 wraith both in dome and in chase after dome. A good ability spread with some clever decoys in dome will help you mitigate in stage 2. if you can save enough health stage 3 wraith vs cabot comp shouldn’t be that hard though.


The only1 that can amplify charge shots is Cabot.
The Chargeshots completly ignore any Weakspots.

Val,Cabot, Crow, Torvald is a high pain high gain combo - wich means it should be more than easy to take out a Crow if Wraith is properly used.
When you engage while you are full of weakspots from Val and Torvald then you are doing something wrong - you want to catch people offguard so you are in the advantage forcing Val to heal instead of Marking your body.

And in that combo its alot more effective to shoot trough the armor, because that gives you i dont know … depending if headshot or not x4+ damage - if the monster is mitigating chargeshots are more effective.