Crow's Rifle scope lock


There was another post but only one response.
If you charge a shot with the kinetic long rifle, you cannot scope. You can scope, then charge, but you cant charge, and then scope for better accuracy to release the shot. Why? I cannot do this, and neither can several others I asked to try. Anyone else?


I believe it is because they don’t want you to have no scope awareness while charging and then have ADS aim to fire.


Well that just sucks. Its disorienting when youre scoped and then also can’t “unscope.” Ah well, if its intentional then i’ll leave it be. If it isn’t hopefully they change it.


If it’s intentional then yes I’m okay with it, but can we tone down the vfx? if I’m scoped and go for a charged shot then I almost can’t see where I’m aiming. It rather defeats the purpose. (the stasis gun has the same scoping mechanism if I’m not mistaken).