Crows rifle gives me head aches


After a few matches the gun starts to give me head aches. it hurts to scope in and aim. sorry I don’t have an essay about how it hurts my eyes.


I don’t even aim down the scope anymore.


I do it to pick on them while waiting for dome to come back.


The particle effect on the bottom of the screen while zoomed in can be very distracting and irritating. I don’t know if it was intentional or just a consequence of the rifle itself.


Do you play on xbox? I think I played you when you picked wraith like last week? I remember because my team was full of randoms and they where poop.


I do indeed, don’t remember every name I run by but your dead on if you think I would pick Wraith.


Yeah I saw the name, and it just clicked. I remember because I thought you were pretty good, and wished I had a half decent team to fight you with.


I try my best to kill the hunters at stage 2, I’m always down to fight if you ever get a team.