Crows real name!


Crows real name is Khovalyg, saw it on the onscreen tooltips! Thoughts?

Personally I love it it fits him well! :smile:


Me trying to pronounce it: khovagdjdhwhhshdhsjaydj ah f*** it


I didn’t even think about him having a real name until I saw that tooltip! It’s like Lazarus with Dorde Zivkovich.

Makes me wonder what Slim’s real name is. I’m sure he didn’t always go by that.


I think it would be something more along the lines of

Ko (as in Co-operation) Val (like the Medic) and Yee-guh.


or the last part be pronounced like league?


No, you got it wrong,man. Its “newo lbbin labh lab a blcano n din lnly beggeeeennnneeennnggg” song called ‘lifestyle’ in case you dont know


Actually Sunny asks him his real name and he says it on the drop ship . Crow was a nickname given to him cause of his bat.
His family stuck to traditional Mongolian naming conventions for him.

His younger brothers name is Frank…


oh in that case look up some skrillex lyrics, literally BE U SHNIZ NYU BING SIDN DKNE SNKSAC EFkR W OH MY GODD!!


No no…hot this sh!t aga- have a seizure gfrtgfghjlopiuyhbbcddxss