Crow's Pet Gobi


I’m not sure if this problem applies to the other versions of evolve but i play on PS4 and this problem is annoying as hell. The title pretty much says it all. This is about Gobi. Recently I have played many matches against and with Crow (I personally don’t have any T4 characters so this may not matter at all) and I noticed something that is really OP about him on the PS4. I know everybody says Crow is fine and doesn’t need a nerf or buff, but I think he REALLY needs a nerf on the range of Gobi. I did some tests and the range Gobi has is around 150 to 250 meters WITH NO BLIND SPOTS WHATSOEVER. I play all roles evenly and I have to say the Gobi has too much range and can be deployed too fast and with Sunny it is impossible for the monster to escape. I believe they should put a cool down of 7 seconds on Gobi and reduce his range just a little bit. For those of you that don’t agree with me i would like to hear your opinions as well.


Except about 2 feet to the right or left ^.^
Gobi has uber tunnel vision and can only see something like a 10 meter radius around him.
.> this is gobi
.>-------- this is gobis flight path
.>----------- this is Gobis sight range
Never run in a straight line against Crow and youll be good ^.^


Gobi can go until something blocks the trapper’s line of sight, and only in a line. I’d say that has a few blind spots. With Crow, I’d start of sneaking, and when you’re found, don’t panic. Stay cool, keep moving, and know that if you’re smart in a dome you’ll survive.


That is a load of bull. The Crows I have gone against and played with can see the monster wherever and whenever so there is no way that he has tunnel vision at all.


Well sorry, thats my experience lol. Made it to elite Crow with many a missed Gobi due to monsters making the slightest adjustments right or left, not to mention all the Crows ive dodged with a quick leap to the right or left the moment the sight ends.
Only thing that knows where the monster is at all times is Daisy, cuz Daisy is Master Race


Daisy is Master Race, but Gobi is like Daisy except better at always knowing where the monster is at all times


It sounds to me like the Crows youve fought/fought with are just good at predictions. If you can guess where a monster is going, you can send Gobi out to that area, then you’ll hit the monster as he passes by. If you just keep throwing him in a straight line in front of you, you’ll never find anything, because his sight is limited


If the player knows where you are, Gobi knows where you are. If they always know where you are, you’re not hiding very well.


A random Dust Tag finds the monster… cool, gotta keep up with him during this long cooldown

A random Gobi finds the monster… cool, I’m never losing sight now motherfucker


If you aren’t able to stop getting Gobi’d then you are not playing evasively enough.


Dude, Crow is a trapper. He’s supposed to be able to track the monster at all times. That’s the point of the class! And no it is not impossible to lose Crow. People just haven’t figured it out yet.


While fighting crow, all you have to do is be generally evasive. As long as you avoid birds at all cost, sneak or be fast they can’t catch you. With Crow it’s either all stealth or all speed, no inbetween.