So when I was using the kinetic rifle, I zoomed in and charged the shot, but I didnt release because I wanted to zoom out but it wont let me

In short terms if you are aiming and start charging a shot, you must fire the gun in order to zoom out (not aiming position)

platform is ps4


I may have experienced this before as well…
maybe @Shaners can enlighten us

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It’s not a bug as far as I know, but I think they might be changing it.

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Yeah, I think it’s for all platforms (I’m on PC, and it’s safe to assume it’s on XBone as well). Would be nice to zoom in and out at will, regardless of charging.


Yea it kinda sucks that you have to recharge a shot And scope is too zoomed in for my taste

Yeah, it has been like that since release.

Not a bug by any means. Just an awkward design option for Crow. :persevere: Really not that big a deal. If they fix it, cool, if not, whatever.

Do you guys usually charge a shot or rapid fire???

Depends. If the Monster is all out attacking your team and the Assault is digging in, I’ll rapid fire. Does more damage, and it helps get the armor off sooner so Assault can get at the health instead of just you. If he’s running, or evaading in a dome, or Assault and Support are dead and he still has a lot of armor, charged.

Depends :open_mouth: At S1/S2 fights, I do rapid fire because it helps with the pressure from the whole team. At S3, when the Monster has ~25% health or less, or when we have no Assault, I do charged shots.

Was able to take a poor Bob out with him having 2 bars of health and all armor on Armory while he was camping the relay with no rock walls. Sadly I was 250m away from him(a little cheatsie but it hasnt been changed so oh well) and I think thats why he stayed because He couldnt see me :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not the biggest of issues, but it sure is annoying.

What’s even worse when it comes to design of this weapon is the charging effect taking up half the space in the scope with its blue electrical flame thingy. It’s horrible.

I’d love to be able to zoom in and out while charged

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I know it’s a very low issue, but I find I always play maggie and abe. I guarantee if you could zoom while charging, I would be playing Crow much more often.

It’s like this with all rapid fire weapons.

True, but it’s not the same. With full auto weapons, if you want to zoom in (or out), you simply stop firing, adjust sights, then continue firing. With Crow, if you want to change sights in the middle of firing a charged shot due to accuracy issues, then you need to fire that charged shot (if you wanted to change due to accuracy issues, there will be a higher chance of missing), switch your sights, then charge it again. That’s quite a bit of wasted time.

That’s true.

Thank you for the info!

@MrStrategio, is this a bug, or intentional?

Thank you!

Did we ever get an answer on if this was intentional or not? :smiley:

And a comment regarding possible reworking the scope electricity animation while charging taking up half the scope, would be good as well.