Crows kinetic rifle tactics and issue with charge/zoom

As all of you already know Crows kinetic rifle has two settings. Fast multiple shots to do a little damage, & a charge shot which can bypass the monsters armor. My question refers to once you get the monsters armor down, is it more effective to continually charge shot the monster or fire off more shots in rapid succession? Personally I’m leaning more towards numerous fast shots, simply because the monster moves around very quickly and if you miss a charge shot that’s a lot of wasted time and possible damage. Where as if you miss one of the Rapid Shots it’s not as detrimental.

Also as a side note, I think it’s very awkward that you can’t zoom in/out while charging crows rifle. I understand the developers don’t want people playing crow running around the map with the rifle charged then quickly zooming in from a long distance taking potshots at the monster. It would be a bit unfair. My solution would simply be to only allow Crow to charge his rifle and zoom at the same time only when he is in a dome.

during all stages of the fight. the multiple shots are better. your working on a team. not a one man solo squad. so help the team do damage by getting the armor off. crow has the highest dps of the trappers if you can aim well.

the only time you should be HP shotting is when the monster is 1-2 bars of hp left and keeps armoring up. like a stage 3 final fight type of thing. they keep fleeing with little hp to armor up crow counters this. otherwise fire the normal shot.


The shots do the same damage, no matter if they’re charged or not charged. So once the armour is down you should rapid fire.

Nail on the head. Should always use the quick fire shots outside of when the monster has 50%+ armor and in either of the following situations:

Monster has 1-2 bars of HP left.
Monster is in a dome and your team is doing no permanent damage to him by the 30 second mark.

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certainly makes sense, I played a match a while back which really showed me the strength of Crow. It was a stage 3 behemoth with only a sliver of health and full armor. The monster kept on doing this hit-and-run tactic. But I was able to hit him in his weak spot with a charged shot from probably about 70 meters away and finnished him off. Pissed off the monster, and the hunters we’re a bit confused on how they won.( we weren’t holding up very well all of us except one had two strikes).

But I’m definitely going to focus more on Rapid Shots whenever I play him again.

we tried different stuff with him. 1 ur aim + projectile speed timing needs to be perfect to play him. his stasis is sloowww. but when it lands its a LONG 10 seconds i believe that your free to shoot.

we once did a val, cabot, crow, parnell comp. it worked sorta. we would stasis + tranq only until we were standing next to the monster only 0-5 meters away XD

then we would communicate to amp and val would shoot 1 marker while crow tried to hit it. the times it worked the damage was LOVELY. but cabot- crow alone is not enough to kill a monster in that way. but hey if you can land the tranqs and slows it wont matter they will be dead soon enough anyway! I want to try this comp again…only downfall is now shields and stage 2 fights will be close to gg.

Because of the slow projectile speed of the states is gun I don’t think I have ever used it outside of the dome. And the only real use I have found for the rapid fire version is just to keep the monster slow enough after I throw a dome.

Your composition can definitely do a lot of damage, but it definitely requires everyone to have better than average aim to be effective. There are other combinations that tend to be a bit more forgiving ( like you said the lack of shields changes up play style dramatically) and I think are more popular because of it.

yeah if you cant land the charge stasis then try firing 1-2 little shots first then charge the big one. it helps your eyes adjust to the speed and distance for the charge shot to land. the charge shot will garunteed stop a monster from moving once the traversals are burned. giving ample time to get the next shot off usually.

OHH in pubs dont worry so much. your uncoordinated freinds (or enemies) will not stop shooting the monster anyway. so it wont help much XD

Haha unfortunately all I play is pubs. I’ll definitely try the two quick shots before a long shot next time.

Turtle Rock Studios should definitely create two different lobbies one for the more casual players like myself and another for the more hardcore fans who like to coordinate and team up much more. I think that’s one of the major downfalls is that you have too many different styles of players all thrown into the same pot and no good way to separate them out. Having the ability to only enter games with players with microphones would go a long way.

Uncharged shots do 70 while a charged one gets you to 140 (charging shots still has less DPS than uncharged) so its not the same damage…

The zoom has been commented upon quite a few times, doubt we’ll see a chance for a long time. So far, we haven’t.

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