Crows charged aim


Charging hes weapon and then try to aim. Doesnt work, is that a bug or is it suppose to be like that?


This is something I dislike as well. Don’t understand why you have to be in your sights before charging. That glow on the end out the barrel is blinding as well


The glow doesnt bother me at all tbh, just the scope. But wonna know if its a bug or if its meant to be that way


Not sure but it annoys me as well.


On the topic of Crow’s Kinetic Long Rifle and intended behavior:

Has anyone noticed the aim being too sensitive while looking through the scope? I have my senesitivity pretty high (70), but with Val and Lazarus I have no problem; their aim speed while zoomed feels reduced, but not Crow’s…


This, all of these comments also bug me.


I haven’t needed to use charge shots yet lol


Sounds like a bug. I can charge and aim without using the sight. I;m on PC.


But u cant chargé and after use “sight”


Yes for me too. Pc


Yeah, cannot zoom in or out after charging a shot. Extremely annoying, hopefully not intended… @MrStrategio ? (On Xbox one)


This was not intended. We are aware of the issue and will be working on a resolution for this. Thanks for reporting it.


Good to know.


Ok thanks, it instead does the auto aim assist thing that moves the reticule to the monsters center mass when tapping the zoom button…


Which part? The not being able to change the zoom state after charging part, or the lack of reduced aim speed while zoomed in part? Or both?


Unintentional - not being able to change the zoom state after charging

The lack of reduced Aim speed while zoomed would be more of a feature request. I believe a fellow called Link had requested that custom sensitivity adjustments be put in for zooming and regular. Could find that thread and ping it with macman if you agree with the topic.