Crows armor ignore


i really thing that that weapon is the such of a rules changing weapon and was a stupid idea to put in action in this game,
Oh all this armor you gathered? what armor.
i just finished a match in which i was down to almost no health at stage two but the support in 2 strikes, and when i was going for the kill after i got full armor as a behemoth again i just died immediately because of that gun, it just bugs me so much.


Well it’s exactly for that situation that the gun is designed for, to be honest. It’s armor ignore is useless everywhere else.


It’s a weak attack, only used when chasing you, or you’re running. In a fight, it’s better to not charge it. Break armor faster, the more health the team can all take from your health pool as well.


its your own fault for engaging a crow with that level of health :confused: thats kinda his thing you know . . . killing low healthed monsters.

if you wished to avoid this outcome should have smashed crow instead of support even though support was the lower health. in order for the gun to fire he has to charge it and if your punching him with your meatfists/scythes/tendrils/treesforarms he cant charge the attack to do anything to you


This has happened to me, low health behemoth, was slaughtering the hunters and went in for final push. Killed everybody, but support cloaked away.

Went out and farmed up a ton of armor, dropping rock walls anytime i was exposed to the dam so they couldn’t chip me down, but Crow got in 2 shots and took me down.

I thought it was awesome!

They were definitely going to die with as many strikes as they had. Hunters SHOULD have things that make them stand out. Make them different. Let them change things around. Crow is just new. What about Laz? Brings hunters back, even from death without acruing a penalty? That sounds game breaking, until you develope counter-moves for it.

Crow’s damage with that weapon is minimal. Got to find a better solution. That’s what makes monsters played by people cool. You can come up with a way around that problem. The AI probably can’t.


people thought laz was game breakingly op from the beggining also lel now look at the popular opinon


I think they put him like that so you can better categorize your Targets. :daisy: :monster:


well its really annoying to fight a stage 3 monster that has no health and full amor thats why crow is perfect for that


I personally have never been killed by crows armor ignore. I do however feel that no gun should bypass a monsters armor. Seems like having the gun charge for a more powerful attack rather than one that bypasses armor could have worked just as well.


yeah, also its not a lot of damage. Although i am not sure if the damage changes if you dont let it charge fully to the point that the crosshairs stop getting smaller


not that i am trying to be hostile, but it sounds u are butt hurt