Crow zoom with his gun

That zoom is absolutely huge, I cant see a shit and when I charge the bullet I see absolutely nothing. This needs to be repaired. I cant use it atm cuz I feel blinded.

Would like to post a screenshot but Im not able to.


Yeah, I don’t like his sight either. I also want to be able to scope in/out while I have a bullet charged. It locks you in, sadly.


Here is a screenshot for you. Logged in and took one. ^.^

Also could you take a screenshot of charged bullet?

Scoped, while holding a charge?

This is me holding a charged shot, not firing in the scope.

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Ye like I said “You cant see a shit” :smiley:

That scope isn’t as useless as you might think…

It’s useless a sight, yes, but it can act as a binocular pretty well. Different value, but still.

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They need to lower the light/effect, make the sides of the scope partially see through; and allow you to scope/unscope while charged.


Yeah I wish they would do something about the purple glow in your vision, and they should pull the vision in more so your screen isn’t mostly scope. Scopes in this game are pretty busy in general (or nonexistent like the tranq rifle, which could use one).

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I can’t even use Crows scope, it’s so inefficient. Screenshots tell the story… ~sigh~

I rarely use it when I play Crow. It’s pretty accurate without the scope, and harder to aim with the scope, so…

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Yeah his scope kinda sucks. The housing is bulky, the zoom is too much for most combat situations and the charge obscures the sight too

To be honest, I’m not a fan of any of the hunters’ scopes when zoomed. They limit your peripheral view so much it’s hard for to figure out where I’m looking not to mention that the zoom is just too much to make it feel practical.

Obviously you’re playing Crow the wrong way.

Never use the scope

360 no-scopes only

get on the l337 level pathetic noobs.

if you want to see real skill just watch my sick sniping montage bro

In all seriousness I agree the scope is very limiting and should be adjusted, maybe into a red-dot sight? rarely a real use for the DMR zoom scope style considering most monster engagements are close quarters in the dome.

Maybe even the implementation of an adjustable zoom?

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Where are all the COD kids when you need them? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Avoiding the complexities of Evolve and working on their MLG career by making montages.

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I do 360 no-scope domes with crow

But the dome doesn’t have a scope in the first place…

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That’s why it’s a noscope, you uneducated, MLG lacking… thing.


Unless the monster is far away you don’t really need to hardscope

Hip-firing is quite accurate in this game

I don’t think Crow needs any more buffs. If anything give Gobi a bit of a cooldown.
He can slow monsters and damage them from long range at the same time.
Because of his ability to do both there it shouldn’t be easy mode to use