Crow vs Wraith, opinions?


Crows ability to shoot through armor and into the health is crazy good, but think about it with a wraith.

The Wraith’s lowest health pool of all the monsters against Crow is crazy. He can just shoot it at a distance while chasing and deal tons of damage. Even if the monster evolves it will still have permanent health damage.

So, what do you guys think? I think that Crow will be the go-to trapper against Wraith. (or all monsters)


watch the new footage. it takes 6-7 shots to get one bar off. so wraith stage 1 would need 30+ shots that take time to charge and in that time your not cc’ing so its moving fast.

plus your team does more damage. why not shave off the measily 4 bars lol


I have watched footage. I’m saying that while chasing Wraith, you can easily dish out a lot of damage.


Wraith is too fast, he’ll be lucky to land a single shot


Val tranqs.


Tranqs dont slow traversals, also its easy to break los with warps, and the gun cant pass through solid rock


Wraith has no armor. Why bother going around it when you are probably shooting at the health anyway after the first or second charged shot.


trust me your better of landing slow shots and shooting its armor off. 2 torvald mortars and the armors gone anyway


You ever shoot a dashing Wraith from over 100+ meters away with a rifle that needs to charge?

Didn’t think so.


Wraith confirmed T5 trapper?




I think the Charge Shot is overrated. It will be kind of nice to chargeshot a fleeing Monster and do a little health damage, but think: Wouldn’t you be better off Stasis charge shotting it? Slowing it, making it so much easier to trap? And in a dome, wouldn’t you be better off taking out the armor more quickly so that the Assault and Support can get at the health instead of just taking tiny potshots at it?

This feature will be nigh-useless except when a Monster is on very low health and full armor.


the wraith is crap since the patch for her


False, the playstyle people used to use is crap, i actually really like the new Wraith


This is my exact thought. maybe in pubs where your assault has proven to do little to zero damage so you know not to help get the armor off. other than that idk why you would hp shot.

but i asked the tough questions on chloe’s stream last night. cabots damage amp WILL work with the hp shot. thats a half a bar or more per hp shot. that might actually be viable. they are unsure if it works on target multipliers tho. another source of a pro shot’s damage.

during chase u use the stasis. in a dome u use the hp shot IF hes geting low OR you make the call that they wont get throught the armor this dome fight (ie: stage 1 hiders). other than that coordinate with cabot.

i will experiment of course.


I think the opposite : it’ll be very efficient against monsters that have lots of armor…

Hmm… Except if all the team never pass through Wraith’s armor, then Crow can deal something significant…


Don’t agree, i think it has its uses, mostly in the beginning of the fight, and when the monster is like 2 or 3 armor bars you swap to rapid fire to get it to real hp damage.


The armor piercing shot does tiny damage. So I only see it as valuable at the end when a monster armors up with a sliver of health.