Crow vs Shan Yu


Anyone else see a resemblance between Crow and Shan Yu from Mulan?

I find it cool and another reason why he’ll probably be my favorite tier 4 hunter :slight_smile:


Crow = Shan Yu?
Naming things differently while in game
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Now the question is… who would win in hand-to-hand combat?



my reaction -> O_O



Spectacular, and as much as i love evolve i thing shan yu has got the hand to hand locked down



Well…Crow survived on Shear so, I am going to say the odds are definitely in his favor.



More interesting question, how would shan yu do on shear

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Crow wins, Gobi sees all.

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Gobi sees nothing.



Shans got an eagle too tho



Gobi has goggles, he has technology helping him out. And Crow also sees what Gobi sees. ^.^



Hand to hand goes to Shan Yu. Wilderness survival goes to Crow. The dude ran off into the hostile wilderness to get away from people. Now he spends his time with a motley group of monster hunters known as planet tamers. To be fair, Shan Yu commands an entire army.

Open combat with all the resources goes to Crow for superior technology. But one on one? Toss up.

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enters Disney fanboy mode

I could go either way here. Crow’s got some good tech and equipment, but Shan Yu was a pretty great tracker and strategist himself, and he might be able to pull off some good ambushes, even with Crow’s superior weapons and tech. The guy managed to capture the Emperor of China with as many people as he can count on one hand, that’s got to count for something. Hayabusa (his falcon) also demonstrates a cursory level of sentience that might grant a bit of an advantage over Gobi, depending on how smart Gobi turns out to be. And even if Shan Yu ends up on the wrong end of Crow’s guns, let’s not forget that Shan Yu was durable enough to take an avalanche to the face and walk away unscathed.

Of course, we must also consider whether or not this would be a 1v1 fight, or what they’d be limited to. All of Shan Yu’s strengths included, Crow would still probably come out on top unless Shan Yu managed to wise up absurdly quickly and get himself some decent armor and weapons, at the very least on par with whatever the EbonStar guys are carrying. He was still a guy with just some basic armor and rags, so he’d need some sort of edge. And also, would Crow be backed up by his team, and vice versa with Shan Yu and his army? Because, I gotta be honest, with how strong the Hun army was in that movie, I could almost see them pushing the Monsters back a few steps if they played their cards right and had the right gear. If Shan Yu and even some of his cronies could get buried under several tons of snow and not give a great big flying Gobi about it wearing almost nothing at all except for some animal pelts, imagine how tanky they’d be wearing something like Markov’s armor. All thousand of them.

Monsters wish they were as scary as Space Marine Shan Yu.



Hey @aboatman I think I’ve seen you before in-game or in stream! My buddies and I were just talking about this crazy look-a-like, glad someone else saw it as well! It made our day haha xD



Yeah @Shazzberry, you’ve probably seen me around Twitch, I tend to cycle through everyone who streams Evolve :blush:

omg that made my day lmao

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Crow wins. Gobi is unstoppable.



An avalanche isn’t comparable to a powerful weapon capable of physically damaging a literal monster. One shot- not even charged- and Shan’s dead. I loved Mulan, and I have to accredit Shan for his notable accomplishments, but he got his ass handed to him by Mulan. I love Mulan, but she had, what, a few months of training at most? And he was physically superior to her as well, yet she outsmarted him fairly easily.

As others said, depends entirely on the specifics, but I can see Crow topping this one.

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LU BU WINS. Sun Tzu saids, do not pursure LU BU. LU BU also makes woman out of man even after the drill sergeant dude in mulan sings he make making a man out of them.

Crow. Shan yu is not acquainted with what a sniper rifle can do or guns for that matter. He probably assume it some dang quarterstaff those wussy Han weekdays soldiers trained with, only fancier.if crow lands a solid blow to stagger Shan with the butt of the rifle, all it take is one point blank shot and GG.

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Well, Shan got killed by firework. Firework OP?



Coincidentally, slab of meat saids thst Crow’s design is based on Mongolian wolf hunter and not Mordecai. So that comes with Steppe swagger, broadly build physiqueand badass pet flying things, kinda like what Shan Yu is based upon.

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