Crow Visual bug xb1 with vid


Idk if this has been logged, or if it matters that much, but crow’s rifle shots go through walls. They don’t deal damage but definitely shoots through.


Hmm… doesn’t seem that bad.

I thought you were going to comment on tossing Gobi then switching gear real fast and going back to Gobi and he’ll be in your arms… while also flying…

It’s kinda nice because it allows you to still sprint with him running about while also allowing you to toss him the moment he’s ready.


Huh. You could also see the glaciopods and the health bar of Crow. Weird.


Agreed its not game breaking, or even game changing, it just scared the crap out of me because I could have sworn they picked sunny not Cabot.

Haha I know about that as well. I love climbing walls one handed just so Gobi has a perch.


Pretty sure that’s intended. But now you know :slight_smile:


You were smelling? I couldn’t see that.


A few times, I edited the clip to shorten it. I believe if hunters are in a /certain range you can see that stuff too. Either that or I always smell them approaching me w/o realizing it :confused:


Yeah if Hunters and things are close enough you don’t need to smell in order to see them or their health.