Crow Strategy, Tips, and Advice Thread


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Stage 2: Crow Strategy, Tips and Advice
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Keep in mind, the monster knows when Gobi pings it. If you have an opportunity to sneak up on the monster, don’t throw Gobi!

  1. Gobi :heartpulse: He is the best Wallhacker you can ever imagine :stuck_out_tongue: Just throw Gobi out almost nonstop, in varying direction, unless you wanna see the same wildlife nonstop of course ^.-. When chasing a monster, predict where he will go, then toss Gobi. Gobi has tunnel vision and will only see things directly below him, so a slight change in path will make the monster invisible to your little leathery flying frand. GOBI SEES ALL as long as it isn’t 10 feet to the left or right

  2. Stasis Gun. Weak shots are damn near useless. They don’t slow, like, at all. So just focus on hitting a charged shot. Nothing else really, pretty straightforward, just make sure to lead a tad and reapply every now and then and you’ll be golden.

  3. Long Rifle (Aka the Legal Armor Breaker). This is what gets most new Crows. CHARGE SHOTS ARE NOT ALWAYS THE BEST CHOICE!!! Yes, its nice seeing that little chunk of health fall off, but it isn’t as nice as the massive one your assault could be doing. My rotation is to pop a charged shot, empty the clip asap, reload, charged, repeat (usually for a reload I switch to Stasis and renew it, but thats just me ^.^). Once armor gets low/gone, I just unload, that way assault can get more in, cuz thats a looot more damage. ALWAYS AIM FOR CHARGED HEADSHOTS!!! Charged headshots are smexy yo, takes off a ton, always worth it. Nuthin else really.

  4. Dome is dome, you either do the dome or you don’t, thats how it is ^.-

Thats the basics of Batman, other than of course my personal fav perk, Quick Swap.
Land a stasis, swap to Long Rifle, do the thing I said in 3, Toss the Gobester, then Stasis. Good luck Crows! :crow: (cries cuz no crow ;-:wink:


So I’ve kind of been mulling over whether or not to get Crow lately. I’ve heard mixed things about him, hearing that he’s weak,and some say he’s strong. I guess what I’m asking is, is he worth getting?


It depends on whether or not you think you’ll like him. From my standpoint, yes, because I have a lot of fun with him. But you could be different. Maybe have a friend let you test drive him a bit, then decide


If you have a friend who has him you could play with them and use Crow that way, so you get a better idea o if his playstyle suits yours


My favorite class is certainly the trapper. I’ve seen how he plays, and certainly think I would like him alot. I usually don’t care much how strong a character is ( Bucket is my favorite and I liked Hyde before he was good), but with Crow it’s different, as you need to pay for him. It’s understandable that I don’t want to get a character that I won’t use just because he’s lackluster against other trappers. But I feel like I’m blowing this out of proportion.

A good way for me to decide is to ask more advanced Crow players. What are some of his greater strengths? His weaknesses? What playstyle do you adopt? What do you often find yourself doing? And finally, how do you think he compares against other trappers?


Crow is my second favorite trapper, and is one of my favorite in game as well.

He has a great slow, that is hard to land… If you do want to land it, you have to charge it up… Still a good slow though, somewhat.

His rifle does decent damage when spammed, and it ignores armour when charged. I don’t think I need to tell you how amazing this weapon is… Avoid limbs, aim for head/weakpoints, try to shoot on Cabot’s DMG AMP, and watch the chunks fly through the armour. Love his rifle…

Gobi, such an amazing companion on the field. If you think you’ve been juked, toss him out! He’ll check for you, and you can keep going where you need to go.

Crow makes for a fun trapper in my opinion. But, try to test him out from a friend…


So a theory I’ve had but never seen exercised is something for the stasis gun. Fire 2 or 3 shots in rapid succession for a very short slow, then follow with a charged slow shot. To me, it seems sound in theory, but I’ve never seen it practiced. Does this work at all?

On another note, you said Crow is your second favorite. Who is your first?


Problem is, trying to land those shots mid fight on a fast monster. I prefer to charge it up, wait for them to land, then hit them with it.


Didn’t see you ask who was my first. Maggie is my favorite hunter in the game.


To clarify, charged stasis shots are better in almost all circumstances. However, they’re not entirely useless; they can be used when you just can’t get a charged shot off in time.

For example: if you drop the dome you can switch to your stasis gun and start hitting the monster with quick shots. (This strategy is similar to how Griffin harpoons the monster as soon as he gets the dome out.) The idea is to prevent the monster from leaving the dome after you throw it. While a charged shot would be better, you simply don’t have the time between when the dome is thrown and when the dome comes down to charge one off and then fire it.

On an unrelated note, I would like to add that my favorite perk as Crow is Jetpack Recharge. I find that Crow doesn’t really need any perk in particular, so you’re free to choose what you like; since I like to focus on dodging a monster’s attacks while a dome is out, Jetpack Recharge is my go-to perk.


Question regarding Crow’s charged shots for both his rifle and stasis gun. When charging up a shot, wih either gun, I get locked into my sights being zoomed in, if I started charging while I was looking down my sights, or if not looking down my sights, I don’t have the ability to aim down my sights if I started charging normally. I’m playing on PS4. Is this a thing that’s supposed to happen? Does anyone else have this issue?


Yeah, that happens to me as well (on PC). I think it’s intentional, although I hope they change it in the future.


Yeah after seeing how his charged shots functioned I didn’t really question this happening, because I felt it might have been intentional, but the more I play crow the more irritating I’m finding it. Whether it’s a bug or not, I’d like to see it changed as well. I don’t see any real reason to lock us into aiming a certain way just because of charging a shot up. Especially since it’s not something like you WILL get locked into zoomed aiming for a charged shot, or you WILL NOT be able to zoom in for a charged shot. It just locks you into whatever you’re doing at the time.


You can use the locking mechanism for Crow to your advantage. When you charge the shot and then aim, the aim assist will aid you hitting the monster. From my experience I am able to get at least one bar of health off the monster before my team diminishes the armor. Crow really does help your get a head start on the monster’s health.


And it would be more if you help to down the armor :x


This is true. In my experience armor damage comes natural and doing health damage helps your team get a head start on the health. Your point is well taken. :slight_smile:


I would add my opinion in here about crow.

In the dome, don’t forget to send gobi. Specialy if you are in a dark space with trees blockin the view of the flying kraken. To see the monster in green is very helpfull for the whole team.