Crow Stasis Flashes to Show Duration (Poll)


This would basically be this; The longer the stasis is on the Monster, the faster and brighter it flashes. This would mean that at the beginning it’s basically what it is now, no flash, just a simple purple around the Monster. As time progresses, however, the flash would begin to occur and increase in rate, demonstrating how much longer the stasis has until it runs out and another shot is needed. Yes or no on this?


I’d rather have it be bright and dim over time until it becomes transparent.


That works as well. I just went with the flash because a lot of games represent duration of certain effects with flashes, so it would be more centralized.


I’m more for a color shift. This can also work with Abe’s nades to show when it about to stop.

It could work like blitz’s TG where gold is max, but blue is about to stop. Aka, reverse order of Blitz’s TG.


Maybe make it so you can choose which version you like? All three suggestions would work and I think it all comes down to preference.


A poll could work, I just don’t have time to set it up now. Gotta shower then go out to lunch.


Which do you prefer?

  • Shunty’s Suggestion
  • Shredder’s Suggestion
  • XplosionIncorporated’s Suggestion

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I like the color shift. I feel that a flash would be really out of place in this particular game and the fade would be harder to notice than the others.


I think this would be the easiest to understand visually to a player without prior knowledge.


Interesting idea and it would help new players a lot. Color coding is always most intuitive.


The problem with the color shift however is that new players will falsely assume that the strength of the stasis effect also changes over time.

I mean, you bring up Blitzkov’s beam as an example, so naturally players will then assume that when the stasis goes through that color cycle backwards, it must also mean that the stasis effect is getting weaker.


I could see that.

What about a physical timer? Like it could be a symbol of the monster with little rings around it that counts down. Does anybody think that could work?


Abe has his Stasis Grenade counter around the reticle. It blinks when you replace one, and I think when one expires.

What about putting a bar over the reticle that you can watch deplete in real-time as the Stasis wears off, if we’re going with something simple that even new players could (hopefully) understand?