Crow Stasis Change


I’d like to purpose this idea; [quote=“Shunty, post:2173, topic:80131”]
Another thing would be to get rid of the charged shot all together in the sense that you still have the ability to charge it to max duration, but have it so that as you charge the shot the duration increases along with it. So if I charged it for %50 of the max charge time, and the max charge time gave me 10secs of stasis, I’d get 5secs of stasis. It would get rid of those annoying instances that lower level players have when trying to use the stasis gun effectively.

What are your thoughts?


I think the way it works now is fine, but so is you’re suggestion.
Adaptation maybe?


Eh, maybe. I would just like this implemented to help lower level players.


They should also change the fact that you can’t aim down your sights after you charge up either the stasis or rifle. Not sure why it locks whatever sight you’re in when you hold the trigger to charge it. Very annoying


Yeah, but that’s with every weapon.


How would it help lower level players? They would still need good aim to land the shot.

What Crow needs is a faster stasis shot, maybe 15% faster, and the ability to zoom and unzoom while his two weapons are charged.

I really don’t know how to make Crow more user-friendly. I think Crow is the easiest hunter to understand, but he takes good aim, especially with the Long Rifle.

The stasis just takes leading, but I think the reason most Crow players don’t get good damage is because the Long Rifle has no middle zoom. It’s either a good weapon for close range (no iron sights) or a sniper (Acog scope).

It took me a good while to get good at hitting at medium range (which is basically the range most combat happens) and even so I still miss 1/6 shots.

So TRS should reduce the intensity of the acog zoom or make the scope take up less of the screen when zooming imo. It’d help getting tgose medium range shots and make Crow less aim reliant.


The main problem I see with lower level players that use Crow is that they don’t know when to use a charged shot or when to use a single shot. Aiming is another thing entirely, Crow just gets hit by the stick harder than others due to all of his abilities require good aim/accuracy to be effective.


One thing that kinda annoys me is how the charge works. Im used to super metroid where the game recognizes Im holding down the fire button all the time, so if I do a flip I immediately start charging when I land.

Evolve doesn’t seem to do this. The gun will not recognize that I have the fire button held down when switching, so I have to let go and hit it again once the gun is “fully” switched.


Should be the range of Val’s tracker gun


No, the stasis should not have a range.


I feel that with a charge up time escalator what you’ll find is that people will determine a sweet spot, maybe 33% charged for example, where they get the most (and most reliable) stasis for the time they spend charging it. So I don’t know that it’d be as nice a change as it sounds on paper.


I like the thought but the way it works is fine and well balanced. Doesn’t need a change or buff and can be really great as it is.


Of course it is. It’s already really good.


(not the same game but) Yeah being able to ADS when the charge is ready would mean a huge quality of life improvent.


The range is fine, it needs a little somethin else.