Crow shouldn't be able to take damage buffs


The damage he deals to health then is just too much.
I played one round against this and it was so unfair.


Break vision.


Smash him into a grease spot. :slight_smile: That’ll teach him.


This is why Crow and Cabot are awesome…


If the Crow you’re facing is using damage perks, he’s a bad Crow. Damage is not what you need on Crow. Movement speed and Jetpack is what you should be running on Crow.


I had a match where I was a wee bit too aggressive in the first fight then I ended up with 2 bars of health at stage 3 took me 3 drop ships to whittle them down cause I had to be super careful and down crow first every single engagement. I feel kinda bad since he spent like half the match in the dropship… It was a PaPa, TSHank, Crow and Markov comp so thankfully not much protection going around.


He is talking about buffs though, you take what you get!


Well if you can take it, you should take it. No reason not to.


Yep… Anyway if you see an crow with damage buff, you have to wait it out I guess… Or go all or nothing %)


So just because you lost a round against this means it’s unfair? Come on man.

You need to find a way of efficiently countering crow instead of complaining on the forums because you lost against it once.

Lose once against that character=OP