Crow Perks?

I checked around a little, I’m curious what people think would be good on crow perk-wise.

I like to run:
Bronze: Item Swap
Silver: Reload
Gold: Reload, Rocket Lord, or Movement speed. (Depending on my mood at the time.)

I prefer Movement Speed, Poison, Movement Speed. Sometimes just 3 times Movementspeed…

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@Shunty I believe you got this




I run either any jetpack perks, full poison, or full DR. Depends on my mood really

So, back in Legacy, MS was the perk to run with him. Now, not so much. It’s best to run Jetpack/Poison/Poison or Jetpack/MS/Poison.

So does hitting a charged shot with poison buff do poison damage to health?

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Nope, only to armor.

If that wasn’t the case 2x poison all the way.


Since poison perk nerfs, I don’t think they add damage enough to justify being picked on damage based trappers. Besides, it increases the health damage charged shot.

I find double dodge cost reduction so fun on crow, can just dance around the monster on orbital drill and a lot of areas in other maps.
I’ve seen myself as crow last man standing holding this stasis/dodge between cliffs and return for the full 2 minutes of dropship unless its Kraken, Bob its just cruel against though

I run the following:
Bronze : swap speed
Silver: jump/thrust/thrust efficiency
Gold: rocket king/poison

I don’t feel like reload is necessary as once I’m done slowing with stasis the main gun is always reloaded.
I play crow by fully charging his slow, and then emptying my main gun. And repeat that.

As for poison, I only take this when my team has bad damage, or 0 post-dome damage. it helps in domes by adding a bit more damage to take down armor fast, as well as helping post dome to deal some damage. it doesn’t synergyze with charged shots though.

you run triple dmg for maximum poke.

Pls someone tell me that i’m not the only one who expected he was going to list the movement speed perks since he said he likes to run.

Quick switch. Poison. Poison.



reload perks are useless for me
Di all the way, stasis, 3 charged shots, then stasis again

probably, lol
I hate sonic hedgehog trappers, the only thing they do is get killed alone inside the dome, or force us to waste all jetpack to save him