Crow Maneater Skin


With the new Maneater skins for the trappers I am really interested in them, however it doesn’t have Crow as a part of it. I was wondering if this is something that is being worked on, or whether it is something that could happen in the near future? I would like to buy the bundle as I love the colour and I am a trapper main, but I want it for all of the trappers.


I want a lot of the original skins done for T4 as well, but you’d think at least the skins released AFTER T4 would include the new characters. Where was the Phoenix Slim? Leviathan Sunny? I also want Nordita Sunny, Savior Slim, Bushman Crow, etc. Missed opportunities. God forbid they were to gamble on making players happy with the cosmetic DLC instead of just cost-benefit analysis.


I think it’s probably better that they’re kept secret, but I’d like there to be another bundle which includes the T4 hunters.
Mainly so that people who just own the basic set of hunters don’t have to pay more for a skin they can’t use, but people wh still want all of them still get a discount