Crow looks familiar

No ASOIAF…no Falconry.

At least you can play Evolve!


And yas, Evolve4Lyfe.

I’m not sure what life skills it would teach you… except that nature is awesome and amazing, and what people can do when they choose to live WITH nature is equally as amazing.

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A Song of Ice and Fire…aka Game of Thrones.

Oh yas. GOT is life.

ASOIAF Falcontry…

Surely, you’d sign up for that class…


Faster than it took to take Ned’s head off.

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I liked because I would too… How do you make blurry text…

[ spoiler] [ /spoiler] remove the spaces.

I miss Ned :frowning:


Oh boy, it’s this thread again.

You can skip it if you like. Down below where it says “Watching” or “Regular” switch it to “Muted”.