Crow looks familiar


Has anyone ever noticed… Crow looks very familiar… Even Gobi and his “See’s all”… seems… memorable?

How about now…


A few people may have noticed. :slight_smile:


If anything he looks more like this…


lol, I hadn’t evne thought of him.


Also mentioned above :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Only because I couldn’t find the name of my gif :stuck_out_tongue:


lol. I just didn’t see any Crow vs. Mordecai threads, and I accidentally stumbled upon it in a “Change gobi” thread.

All we need now are some conversations about how life was hunting monsters on Pandora, lol…

After all, 2K owns both franchises.


Haha that’s funny, I hadn’t even thought about it. Keep in mind though, hunters often used to use birds to spot prey (some still do), so it’s not some new thing :slight_smile:


Nowhere near a new thing, and it’s suprisingly effective too!


GASP Can we have a mordecai skin for Crow? O.O



It’s funny because Crow is Mongolian, and in pretty sure the bad guy in Mulan was Mongolian too.


Yep. The Huns were Mongolian. ;w;


Are you saying that all mongolians look alike? o.O :stuck_out_tongue:


What? No. I’m just saying that it’s a funny coincidence that they both have utility birds and they are both mongols.


Ya, really popular with the Mongols.


That’s interesting. I was not aware of this fact.


Hunter society :slight_smile: Pretty cool in general.


Indeed. I’ve always thought falconry in general was cool.


There are places you can go to learn that stuff if you like.


I’m pretty sure my family wouldn’t go for that.