Crow kinetic rifle vfx


Hi there, just wanna say straight away I am really enjoying the new content.

One minor thing, has anyone noticed how irritating it is to aim down the roc tickle with Crow’s kinetic rifle? The blue charge vfx is really distracting and makes it very hard to see, maybe when you look down the scope the vfx and be made more transparent?



I know how you feel bro!



This game doesn’t know the word “subtle” when it comes to visual effects.

Have you ever held a dome in your hand and tried to look beyond the projected boundary? It’s impossible because that projection is near solid.

If you ask me, most visual effects in this game can use a -50% opacity to start with.



Absolutely, Dome effect also suffers the visual effect saturation! but I found this one in particular way more problematic because it messes up your aim a lot! plus when you fully recharge the shoot your walkspeed drops a lot, so you get double f@!$# up there.



This is most likely an intended effect, so as to balance the gun that goes through armor.

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Visual effects should never be used to balance things.

One person could be very impaired by this while others barely notice, irrelevant of skill level.

That said, I feel like people are just bashing on the concept of ignoring armor instead of Crows actual rifle (which, by the way, does next to no damage if you want those armor ignoring shots)

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True enough.



I mean I love all the vfx in the game but this is just too obscuring when playing. Also since you can’t come out of aim when the gun is charged, it’s worse! Would be nice if it was just not as being when lookin down the sights :slight_smile:

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