(Crow) I've Been Feeling Rather Crappy Lately


I’m not who I used to be. Writing had gotten tougher. Inspiration is falling. I’ve been upset and rather crass. I’m not doing what I’d like to be doing, and that’s well. I feel like crap. Sluggish and uninterested. I’ve been thinking thoughts that shouldn’t be and I’ve been having episodes. It’s getting tough. The things I’ve enjoyed for a long time are slipping through the cracks in my hands. I’ve been mad. Destroying items that I bought with my hard earned money. Punishing myself. I don’t know why, it might be something to do with my current health. What the hell should I do?


First things first we find the problem. You say it might be your health? What’s happening then?


Well, I got a bunch mental problems, so that can easily be affecting it without my knowledge. I’ve been having some strong hallucinations lately.


Go see a doc.
's all I can say.


Only if it was that easy. The doctors I’d have to see are scarce in number and incredibly expensive.


Okay? So you can’t go to talk to a regular doctor about your problems or hell, even a psychiatrist or counsellor then?


Not when it comes down to my brain playing tricks on me. What you’ve listed I’ve already done and gone to.


Fine. I tried.


Thanks for trying. Sorry If I’m being an ass.


Stop destroying your possessions.

Stop punishing yourself.

Destroying things and punishing yourself is not going to solve your problems.

Also, I would take this to someone who is trained to help with these sorts of things. We’re primarily gamers, not doctors and psychiatrists. If your problems are really this bad then you need help.


I understand this. I’m currently waiting in line to get the treatment I need. I won’t be able to see the doctor for another month.


Me not punishing myself and not destroying the items I own is going to be difficult. It’s something I’ve struggled with almost my entire life.


hey it is okay I would sugest going to see someone even your mother might be able to help I feel like this all the time when I want to calm down I write a story or play evolve if you are on xbone we can message each other I have been to many hospitals and know a lot of ways to help with the feeling message me my GT: Maximumlimit14 I may not respond right away though as I am at school right now


Ultimately you are in control of your decisions. If you don’t stop then your problems will just get worse and your mental state won’t improve.


I hope you feel better buddy


anything is a stress reliever you just have to try it try drawing deep breathing other things don’t destroy anything if you feel like that get a stress ball and squeeze it that helps me when I feel destructive


Well, I don’t feel like I control these actions. It’s a difficult thing to understand and a difficult thing to deal with. I’ve gone to counseling and seen psychiatrists. The effect wears off after a while and I end wasting my parent’s money.


How often to you get out and do things? Either by yourself or with family and/or friends?

It may sound simple, but if you’re struggling or stressing about something going on in your life (or your head), I would get out and in the sunshine. Take a journal with you to a park and write some short stories, visit a local zoo, take a pet for a long walk, etc.

Personally, I keep chalk in my closet and go outside and draw on the sidewalks. I don’t care that I’m 26-years-old. It’s fun and improves my mood and my mental health after only an hour.

If anything like that is available to you, do it. Today.


Start to change some things. Go pick up a sport is a pretty good example. I know exactly what you’re going through, so trust me when I say this: don’t allow it to become worse. Like Plaff said, you are ultimately in control, even if it doesn’t feel like it. And as ToiletWraith said, go see a doctor or other professional help, although I’ve seen you are already waiting in line for it. Until then, see if you can get your mind off things with activities that require you to be active with your body, instead of your mind, since your mind is obviously the thing here that is shite at the moment


yes these are also some good ideas try it you may find it helps

sometimes I just want to go out and destroy all my belonging then i talk with my mom for example and I feel a lot better

when you get home no life evolve or something you like to do like draw for hours I always no life evolve when I get home