Crow is completely useless, stasis gun does nothing


First time I’ve used Crow and I thought he would be decent to play, what with having a gun that can slow the monster down…or atleast that’s what I thought it did, I just went on against a kraken while using him and I felt completely useless, I was getting full charge shots on the kraken and it’s like he wasn’t even effected, didn’t slow down, didn’t even drop to the ground, nothing, he had full reign of everything and I couldn’t do my job as the trapper to actually help the team and CC the monster.

Was this character nerfed in some way since it went F2P? I stopped playing the game sometime last year and I thought he was supposed to be good, yet I feel like I could of done a better job with maggie against the kraken which just makes no sense…


It may not appear to be useful playing hunter, but if you play monster you will see how much of an impact it really makes!



Sounds like you were just fighting a really, really good Kraken. I’ve been playing this game for over a year now, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how the top-tier Krakens can stay airborne infinitely.


Dude, you don’t even know. Crow is easily the best trapper in the game. It’s all about rotations on your weaponry.


You would think he was a really good kraken, but he didn’t even want to be the monster before it started and asked me if I would, but then he just played anyway, I tried to slow his ass down but nothing happened, it looked to me like he was moving at a consistent full speed anyway, unlike when I use Val and I actually notice how he’s slowed.


I don’t like playing monster in pubs either. I just don’t get enjoyment out of stomping a bunch of new guys. I don’t know if this still works in the updated version, but try checking his Evolve trophies/achievements next time. If he has a lot, that motherfucker is not new lol


Stasis does not affect traversal speed. Unfortunately, anytime Kraken is flying, he seems to be traversing to that effect.

It is supposed to make him drop faster, but if he is able to use Air Burst consistently, he won’t drop.