Crow: Damage or Stasis


I dont know about you all, but when i play Crow i barely ever do damage, i spend all my time highlighting the monster and slowing it. This gives me end game stats where I am way above average on Gobi pings and slow time, but way below on damage done. I just want to hear everyone’s thoughts on which is more important, or if time should be spread even between them all. Thanks for your input in advance!


Charging up the stasis gun does give a nice window to do some damage (at least that’s what I do)


Why not both?

Charge up the stasis gun and the monster will be slowed long enough to get some damage off.
I only ever use Gobi in a dome when me or one of my teammates does not know where the monster is. (no need for Gobi if he’s in the middle of the arena fighting with use)


In a mobile arena you basically have to perform a cycle, and when perfected, it keeps the monster slowed 100% of the time and you can do some nice damage.

Monster with armor: Charged statis shot, charged long rifle shot, charged long rifle shot, charged long rife shot, repeat

Monster without armor: Charged statis shot, 1 clip of long rife (rapid fire), 1 clip of long rife (rapid fire), repeat


Yep like said above, charged shot then go for damage. You only need to highlight the monster in a dome if he’s being annoyingly evasive.


Yeah, if the monster is really aggressive, I try to hit with a charged stasis shot and then use a clip on his rifle. If the monster is trying to run around, I alternate between all 3. It really depends on how difficult it is to keep track of him.


One other thing that i think I’ve noticed, do you have to get a body shot with stasis for it to count, or does it just need to get near the monster? Maybe my eyes are just playing tricks on me, but i swear it happens haha


You have to hit the monster. A charged statis shot does not have an AOE as far as I’m aware.



Honestly, I charge a shot and then keep shooting for as long as I can, get another shot off, rinse and repeat. Gobi is useful only when the Monster is nowhere to be found.

EDIT: @DHZ Thing is, charged shots have a bigger hitbox.


I try to alternate with all three like stated above, but with less of a focus on gobi. Hitting him with a charged stasis give plenty of time for damage and highlighting. Maybe this it just personal preference, but I find it much easier to aim through the explosions and smoke and flashes of color if the monster is wall hacked with green


Charge Stasis then 2 charged Long Rifle or two full clips of non-charged Long Rifle back into Charged Stasis. Repeat. Substitute Gobi for one Long Rifle as needed.

If you aren’t doing damage as Crow then you’re doing it wrong. He does very little, but every little bit counts.


I agree with the outline. It’s great for aiming abilities if a lot is happening. I usually throw in a Gobi whenever I don’t have a LoS on the monster.