Crow Armor Bang Challenge ($100 1st place prize, $30 2nd place, $20 3rd place)


Another month, another challenge. This time, I want you to play Crow. A lot of Crow. And want you to get kills with him. A lot of kills with him. I’m gonna be a little picky about it though. This is what you gotta do:

1: Be playing as Crow in any gamemode with any comp against any Monster.
2: Kill the Monster as Crow through its armor.
3: Capture video or photo evidence of you doing it and post it here.

Pretty simple stuff, but this is where it gets a little more interesting. I’m looking for style, for flash. Sure, you could just kill the Monster when he’s running away, or you could do something crazy to him. You could do a 360. Jump off a really high cliff. Shoot her from all the way downtown. Get a sick headshot mid combat. Coordinate with Cabot to melt the health away. Anything that’s special.

Have some fun with Crow and be rewarded for it. First place winner, decided by me to stop bias, will be given $100 towards their platform, I.e. Xbox, PS4, and PC. Second gets $30 towards their platform. Third gets $20 towards their platform.

The contest will run through this month and into the end of May. The winner will be decided on the 25th, along with second and third, and the money will be rewarded to each individual person within the following two weeks of announcement.

Good luck to those who enter and have fun! May inspirational Crow be with you.


Oh hey DeStorm


I’m actually thinking about doing these monthly. I rarely spend any of the money I have, so I just have it sitting around. Why not give it some use?


i know this is looking ahead, but next month maybe do a kala or sunny, or maybe slim

edit: this is just a suggestion


Ive got a kick ass one, but… do I have to be playing or can someone else be playing. I 1v1d a monster as Torvald and my crow dropped from the ship as I was the last alive with very low health. The monster had a sliver of health and armored up and crow dun diddly banged him.


I’d prefer it be you playing him, but that should be ok.


All right, I accept the challenge! I could use the money for a good microphone for my stream I’m working on. + This sounds like a really fun challenge, thanks @Shunty


I’ve done Lennox already and now Crow. I’m doing them based off how much I enjoy playing each character. That being said, Parnell or Laz might be next.


It’s money towards the console, not real money.


oh right! Meh, will still find a way to put it to good use…


I could do real money, just can’t be through PayPal. Has to be some other way.


I could write a check then mail it to you.


Haha, worries for later! I need to focus first on making sure that I can get to record a cool video first :stuck_out_tongue:


You spelled Armor wrong in the title :3


I will attempt to make one also lol


Fixed. :slight_smile:


Yep. Got no clue why Amor was there.


As @flamand_quebec13 brought up, would sending checks via mail be a OK thing to do?


I do really want to see that clip.


Start at 8:20