Crow And All His Stuffs


I’m looking for everything Crow. Gameplay, new tips and tricks, thoughts, skins, and the what not.



You know what I mean! What’s he like in the new game?


Oh… Ummm, same as always I guess? There doesnt seem to be anything new in terms of skins tho


No new skins? That’s disappointing. You can’t tell if there are any changes to his kit?


Only the trapper ability change…


Well that’s disappointing and gratifying at the same time. Hope new skins come for him though.


Atm there’s only skins for Tier 2, I can show you the store page if you like but that’d be off topic :stuck_out_tongue:


Wouldn’t necessarily be off topic.


When you reach level 40 with him, you get a sweet full body Hunter skin :slight_smile:


Can you show me dem pics?


These are the ones that are currently in the store.


That Griffin one though. Hopefully we’ll see more tiers get full body skins.


@Shunty If you give me until tomorrow, I will play with him and tell you the news :wink: So far I noticed the charged shots sound so cool


Not much new other than that the planet scanner is absolutely great with him, since you can quickly get a sense of what direction he’s in and then use Gobi to find his exact position.


I can’t play him…every time I do it gives me abe instead


Make a bug report!


I played him

He’s basically the same, I would notice just cooler sounds


That’s all? Nothing more?


Nothing less