Crosshair color


It’d be really nice to get more crosshair colors - Particularly as during the day when the sun is up it’s really hard to see the white with the sun glaring in your eyes.


I’ve never had a problem with the white. But different PC/Console setups means different results :wink:

I do want an option to change crosshairs and/or use your own.


The only time I have had severe issues with the white crosshair is on the snow map. It blends in so damn well with the environment.

Now the white cross (dot) hair in Overwatch is fantastic because it has a black outline around the dot so it is multipurpose.

Situation #1 bright areas/snow/sky: If you can’t see the white you can see the black outline.

Situation #2 dark areas/dark maps: If you can’t see the black outline you can see the white dot.

Everybody wins! :wink:


this I can’t stres this enough how I want an option to do this, even changing the color of Bucket’s lasers would be nice.


While your add it, add the option to change the color of the crosshair, and add an option to use your own crosshairs. Just load up MSpaint and create away.


I think custom crosshairs are a bit too excessive, don’t you think?


I think at the very least TRS adds several types of crosshairs, other games let you select various crosshairs and colors. Not like it’s gamebreaking or anything.


I can already see it, “Omg PINK crosshair OP!”


Darn, I was going to make my crosshairs pink :weary: :sleepy:



I think being able to choose crosshair color (or HuD color if possible, haha) would be fantastic.