I wonder would it be possible, when it comes to the technical stuff to enable cross-play between consoles and PC. This game is not relying that much on accurate aiming so it could be doable. I guess the main thing against putting resources towards this while the game has not shown sustainability.


FPS generally very unfair on PC vs consoles. Evolve more forgetful on having a good reflexes, but mouse users still have advantage over gamepad users.


Would love to, but console guys don’t want our hacker problem


Console guys have their own hackers :slight_smile:


Oh. Then that should be a thing. So much more people!


I’m really hoping they’ll find a way to make this work. I want more people to play with… I’m worried about the player base.


Lulz not on this game I’ve seen the worst assaults I’ve seen in a very long time no damage at all and the amount of people who don’t know how to play it after a few months this game could easily go cross platform :wink:.

Edit…to add I played with a (pro) medic and wasn’t impressed.


Most likely not…

Although things can always change later on, I’m sure the dev team currently has higher priorities.


Well there might be a little bit of hope since the did remove limb damage from legacy so aiming I’d almost think wouldn’t be much different.


It may be possible to link X-Box and Windows user together. I’ve seen articles where Microsoft is trying to do that.


Well Agora is now out of the picture, so that might make things easier.


Actually that what simply not possible. Microsoft is extremely stubborn about allowing any ‘outside’ networks interact with xbox network.
For PS4 it might be possible. Sony is ok with that.


@DarKastlez post the thread where its said in there somewhere Microsoft is ready to do cross platform.



Well, the new Gears of War will have cross play functionality (on their Windows store though) with Xbox One users:

Although I feel that this will have a major impact. I have played with a controller and a keyboard/mouse and aim is so important in an FPS title that I feel there will be a difference.

I believe Microsoft did perform a test about this before where PC gamers outperformed console gamers. This interview also mentioned that this would mean balancing for console players to make up for the difference:

Not to mention that this would mean that both consoles and PC would need to have the same update first before able to play cross platform, which will result in the same update process as it was before for PC side.


So do I lol on evolve a minimal differences.


Isn’t that why console doesn’t have the update maybe?


Try monster and see how fast you can turn 360 degrees, how your aim is with rock throw and how fast you can pounce someone (between controller and mouse/keyboard).

Those things were (for me) the primary reasons I switched to keyboard/mouse. Although I do prefer more the feeling of holding a controller, I felt more advantageous with a M/KB. Off course, there can be people better with a controller than me with M/KB, different strokes for different folks after all.


And plus that link you posted is from 2010 (6 yrs ago) times change.(Xbox 360 is a outdated pos)


Sure, it is an outdated post and things may have changed. But that doesn’t mean that the walls one faced with such a challenge isn’t still the same they are facing right now.

Time will tell, I’m merely hesitant whether it will work but at the same time I keep an open mind.