Cross Platform? [XB1+PC]



I’ve come across 1 hacker in my 1,421 hours in Evolve. Not all that common.
But yeah, console players can’t really compete with the PC players. Aiming isn’t the same and all.

A handful of PC gamers play with a gamepad.

@MidnightRoses Also Microsoft owns both Xbox and Windows and games have already gone cross-platform like the new Fable.

I can see the issue with MS but I doubt it’ll be a problem :confused:

Hope it works though :slight_smile:

Ok… We can play… As long as everyone plays fair.

Darn seals, too cute.

when Microsoft wraps up the keyboard and mouse for Xbox it could be more doable, but then we would have to get use to the difference.

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Oh and I’ve only run into 1 hacker in over 500 hours :slight_smile:

Oh everyone will play fair, there are soooooooooo few hackers on here. I’ve seen two in like 666 hours. Shin’s had like one in 2000 hours.

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It doesn’t take long. I went from gamepad to MKB for Evolve, it was an easy transition.

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I played with my X-box controller for awhile on PC, but eventually went to keyboard/mouse simply for keybinding. It’s not at all hard to get used to.

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Shin how are you still not a regular xD.

I am a regular, I have been for a long time now.

Why does it not show then? I’m confused.

I don’t wear the title.

I was a regular since March I believe, so like 5-6 months now?

Oh. that explains it also I believe that cross platforming is possible but time consuming.

I doubt we will see cross play, if we are strictly going off of windows 10. Last I was told, they would only be applying this new feature to newer releases. I take that as being completely new games, Evolve doesn’t meet this requirement.

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Using a baby seal picture is playing dirty btw… Who could say no to a seal?
Seals and hamsters are the top 2 cutest animals in the world.

As for keyboard and mouse, I’ll get it as soon as Microsoft allows me to this with my Xbox.




I would love to have cross-platform support. I really don’t think keyboard and mouse players have that much of an advantage in Evolve over controller users. It’s not a twitch shooter like CS:GO or COD.

Would help tremendously the population on both consoles.

I’ve been playing with a controller since the start, just moved the jump button to the upper left button so I can aim while I jump and I’m all set.

And using a keyboard mapper to map the G key to pushing down on the left thumb stick. Run should be enabled by default in Evolve.


Cross plattform is a concept more suited for platformers and the like, not FPS.
It’s not about a “console war”, it’s about the controller.
Whenever mouse and keyboard or controller is the most confortable is subjective, but aiming with a mouse is objectively better. Not only is controller users aim off, but they can’t fly, fire and aim at the same time unless they are using a certain grip (that I don’t remember what is called), which is a rare thing.

Mouse user hunters would suffer a lot if they were paired with controller users(not console users, but controller users) if the monster is also a mouse user and a monster using a contoller would suffer vs a team of mouse users because of their easier time dodging and said controller monster’s harder time aiming.

Sure you can buy a mouse and keyboard for a console, but not even a fraction of console users have that.

Cross-plattform is not suited for FPS games. Not a console issue, but a controller issue.