Cross-buy for PC and consoles, anyone expect this in the future of games?


We already have lots of titles, with CoD being the most recent, where buying for last gen systems will get you the current gen version as well. But in my situation, I have friends on PS4 and friends on PC who all want the same games. I want to play games like Evolve with everyone, but that would cost me $120. It would be awesome if some day there is some sort of deal where a game bought for consoles could get you a Steam version free. Not sure how that would work though. They can’t just give you a key because that would basically be a free game for you to give away or sell.


Sure and the world will be in peace, no more hunger,…


I don’t understand the relevance of that response.


the pc fanboys will never get along with console owners. its a known fact lol. thats what hes referencing. i think O.o

and you may be limiting sales. even if they found a decent way to block users from selling the other port. how do you know this is my computer? I could log onto steam with your info and play that way too.


I get along just fine :’(


Not really, why would you give a game away for free?( buy 1 get 3/4 ?) when they can make much more profit. The world will always be around making profit nothing will change that.


He said its never gonna happen.


I do agree that being able to play games cross-platform would be awesome. I wouldn’t hold your breath though. :disappointed:


No, he’s being sarcastic that the OP’s idea would only happen in a fantasy world. :smile:

While it would be nice for this to happen, it never will. It makes no business sense. I understand the upgrading from an old console to the newer version, but you can’t make it cross-platform. You’d be losing sales for no good reason other than to help your competition.


Oh yeah I know it is a long way off, if even possible. I mean, we are just now getting cross-gen purchases where you get last gen and current gen, going from a separate platform to PC would be a whole other hassle.


To be fair, I bought Portal 2 on PS3 and got it on Steam free. So there’s hope!


what if they linked accounts through cloud services? I mean if someone posts something to facebook it autoposts to instagram right? they all are linked to one email account. another example is blizzard. all games are linked to my account i made back in warcraft 3…I dont see why they coudnt make a universal account and be able to provide a key if you want to play your game on this console or pc.


That hope is gabe.


I doubt it will ever be a thing that happens enmass. A couple games may end up doing it down the road, but it is very hard to convince someone to stop making money off of people who own multiple consoles. Not to mention this would take away one companies money. If I was given a steam code, steam wouldn’t make anything.
I could see this being possible if we had one company over every system, but that would cause more problems because of a monopoly.


Actually nature will change that in time my friend unless humans destroy themselves first. Profit =/= prosperity.


Humans will most likely destroy eachother.


Cross-Platform play would be amazing, but very hard to implement from a technological and (for lack of a better word) political stand point. With all the different systems and companies, I could see it being a massive challenge. Rewarding, but hard. Especially with other things taking priority in development.


it costs valve, microsoft, and sony money to upload a game to you. the ps3 to ps4 system works because sony is making money and is the one that it is costing money to upload the game for both the ps3 and ps4 version. If you bought a version for the ps4 and wanted to play on steam, then it would be costing valve money without them receiving any money, so why would they do it? I think the only reason why they’re doing it right now is because they think they’ll make more money giving you both a ps3 and ps4 version. The the added cost will be negated by more people buying the sony version of it. I doubt it will happen cross platform ever.


That’s why I brought up the Portal 2 on PS3 and PC cross-buy. Clearly there was some sort of deal there, so it is indeed possible. They had to incorporate Steam on PS3 though.


This is an entirely different subject. We were talking about simply allowing a product to be activated on a different platform than the one it was originally purchased for (e.g. I buy Evolve on Steam, but it lets me activate it on PS4 or XB1 without buying another copy). Cross-platform play (i.e. I play on my PC and join my friend playing PS4 or XB1) would be even more awesome! Although, as you mentioned, it would be much more difficult technology-wise. Man it’d be sweet though. Think of how a community like this could be brought closer together if platform wasn’t an issue?