Cronusmax Plus


In short I got a PS4 lately and I wish to use my Xbox One Controller.

Xbox One Controller is a Wireless Controller.

I tried using the Cronusmax Plus I got today but I can’t seem to figure out if it’s even possible for a wireless controller.

I saw a video that dated back in May 7th, 2015 that said that there wasn’t a wireless receiver for Wireless controllers yet.

Now the Cronusmax Plus I have has a Bluetooth plug in part thing sumtin sumin.

Does anyone know or have any experience in this area?

Please and thank you.

Side note, if nobody can help or if I can’t figure something out then I’ll just deal with playing on the crummy PS4 controller I guess…


I found this, no idea if it helps though.



Seems my fears are real. I’d have to go wired and that’s a no no for me.

I guess I’ll just have to stick with the PS4 controller. Oh well I’ll just return the device and trade it in for a headset and go from there.

I’ll be rarely playing PS4 stuff anyway but it’ll take a bit to get used to the controls.

I even tried going to their forum site and the only Xbox One Controllers I saw were the wired ones…