Critique my Goliath match!


The Ps4 apparently only recorded the last 15 minutes but here’s a close loss/win (I’m not telling you!)


I’m going to switch to my phone and watch it in a bit.


Alright so first thing is your build. It’s not my personal cup of tea but I’ll leave it out of the critique unless you want a suggested new one. As for your strategy I think you had to commit a few times once the medic popped the heal burst due to it being Val. I also would have hunted down support instead of staging up during the dropship. You can easily find a Hunter through tracks and eventually you’ll sniff them out. Also your jumps need to be aimed better as to not to collide with so many things. Final thing is pay attention to the damage arrows when hitting the relay and sniff all around you. You jumped the wrong way twice. Overall a good game though just things you could improve on.


Hmm. Difficult to critique you well because we only have the latter half of your game. But you were a Stage 2 with roughly 55% health loss and one strike on several Hunters, which isn’t the best of trade-offs, but it’s not too bad either.

One big thing: When you down someone, try not to bodycamp like that with a Val and Hank around. Because Val will heal them up, and she can heal enough to force you to bodycamp for a loooooong time, which lets Assault to nasty things to you. Plus Hank can shield the downed Hunter and Val can heal, which is a free ranged revive.

And then there’s the Barrage…

Instead, try and attack the Medic. Either you down her, or Hank shields her and you can hop over and pummel the incapped player for a bit, hop back on the Medic, rinse and repeat.

I’ll do more later.


Dont body camp unless its a laz player, down the medic or support first not trapper. Better to take rock throw and leapsmash and leave firebreath stage 1 so you can use ranged attacks on incapped players, also forces more jet pack usage.


My build consists of rock throw and fire breath by stage 2 so I can prevent revives without standing near the body. Despite this sometimes you should use the downed hunter to focus the medic and if it is medic focus the hunter with the least health.


I will watch this when I get home from work.


Thanks for the tips guys! Did I do anything good though :sweat:


It looks like you took your time to choose yyour engagement. The timing and positioning of the engagement can really make or break a game. Ambushes in general are pretty good. Something I have to have more patience for. However, there were times where i wondered what the hell you were doing. I am surprised that leap smash works so well for you. I tend to miss with it. With just leap smash and fire breath, I probably would not win, but I haven’t exactly tested it out much. Does putting points in leap smash increase the the range of the jump and radius of the smash? Some your leap smash’s on hunters seem to have a good amount of distance… I don’t use leap smash that far of distance… Might have test that out too… Overall you did well, but I felt like you dragged the game out a little too long. I felt like you could have defeated them sooner. If you went to stage three sooner when one of the hunters was on the drop ship, you probably have wiped out the team. But hey, the timer didn’t run out, you won, so what you did worked.


I feel like you dragged the game out way longer than needed. I saw several moments I believe that you could have one right then had you stuck it out. Was there any reason for sticking at stage two for so long? You had so many chances to stage up to three and get full armor.

I do enjoy that you use leap smash. I am a big fan of it as it has a lot of distance and reach.


You took your time and picked your engages. That was what I loved seeing. So many players just go searching for Hunters or try and trip birds and just squat there instead of finding a balance in between. :slight_smile:


Lately I haven’t been using rock throw (you can all call me crazy). From a hunters perspective, rock throw is a brief moment where the monster is completely stationary. Even if you don’t aim it long and hurl it, you still stood there a moment to pull up a huge rock, and throw it. If you even take a second to aim, that’s enough time for Val to put a weak point on your head, or Parnell to deal crazy damage from behind. And all of it for a move that can miss easily, it’s Goliaths strongest move, but it can be dodged very easy. And if I have 3 points leap smash, 2 charge and 1 fire breathe at stage 2, I will ALWAYS be in a hunters face. A rock throw gives them time to dodge and reposition if you miss. If I leap smash Caira, and charge her off a cliff, she’ll be about down. That combo lets you always be up close, picking where to fight and pushing the hunter of your choice away from his group. You can cull them from the herd and slaughter them with ease.


alright, first things first, i dont play console, but w/e.

  • you should aim alittle more upwards when you use your leaps, both leap slam and traversals, several times you barely got any distance, altho i know it is a hard habit to get into on console.
  • a alot of the time you had hunters so close to you (while you were being stealthy) that you could see their outlines and healthbars without sniffing - when you sniff while you can already see them this way, the sniffing noise is very easy to hear for hunters, you should try and limit the use of Sniffing when hunters are within earshot so to speak :slight_smile: .

other than that, like @MidnightRoses said, be careful with bodycamping, especially since you’re playing on console, where Aim(bot)-assist is used majority of the time, as it enables the hunters to simply stand around you, and auto-headshot you for massive amounts of damage without any skill being involved.


Are you running the girth zilla build? 2 leap 1 flame into 3 leap 3 flame with dmg perk?