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I don’t know how many people here watch Critical Role on the Geek & Sundry twitch channel, but I’m a big fan of it and came across a mention of @Matthew while reading an interview with Liam O’Brien. This IS you he’s talking about, isn’t it Matthew? I was pretty excited to see these two worlds intersect.

After that diner visit, I took all our notes and organized them into a document to send off to Matt, so he could integrate it into whatever voodoo he does. I cut and pasted it all into an email, typed in “Matt”, and hit send. The bad news is, I sent this scrawling document to the wrong Matt. The good news is, Matt Colville, a writer at Turtle Rock Studios, happens to also be a long time DM:

“Mr. O’Brien

I fear that of the D&D DM’s you know, named Matt, you have emailed the wrong one.
I can tell this because in my setting Elves and Humans can’t just mate any time they feel like it, because that doesn’t make any goddamned sense and it’s not what Tolkien meant by “half-elven.” In my setting your parents would have had to petition the gods to bless their union! As is right and proper!

Also, Vex’alia and Vax’ildan are clearly Dragonborn names.

But I can answer your questions anyway! Your father’s name was Vexikalisax, whence comes the root of your names. That was his only legacy to you. Because you bear his name, even as half-caste, the Elves will have to grant you some hospitality, though they will not like it.

His wife was Iridilex, who would probably plot to have you killed if she found out you were still alive. Your half-sister is Irilinor, she may not bear as much hatred toward you.

Your father was the Lord of Thorns, which is the equivalent of like the head of the FBI in Elven Town.

Good luck!

-Matt Colville”


Ah, yeah that’s me. :smiley:

I got a chance to run D&D once for Liam (our VO director), and Matt Mercer (Abe), Marisha and Fryda Wolff (Caira) that was fun.

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