Critical Hit



Bahahahahahahaha :joy:


I think we found out how @Insane_521 and @GentlemanSquirl balance the damage of the monsters/hunters… lol


That junk damage tho!


Better nerf that crit spot, 521 dmg is too high


That crit damage reminds me of some pre nerf weapons.


What a weak hit @GentlemanSquirl

Try equipping the damage bonus perk :wink:

Just kidding


He actually asked to hit crit spot with boxing gloves


That cereal made me hungry…


If they also have a fountain of chocolate, i will end studying at the university and fly immediately to trs offices


I’ll proceed to do this to Goliath, wish me good luck guys.


But devs confirmed that monsters are asexual… this means no “crit spot”…


Doesn’t hurt to try! Well, I guess in this case…


Depends on who will get hurt though lel


In seriousness how much does that Critical Damage increase? Like 5%? Also can a perk amplify the Critical damage done?


crit dmg is like 1.5x or 2x if i’m not wrong (gotta check out The Index, @The_Mastermind might be busy now updating the index though ). Also no, i haven’t seen any perk increase Crit dmg, only way is a weak spot on crit spot maybe


That wasn’t a faked hit, that twowp was a stinger missile to the sack. He was taunting me before the shot AND he ruined my vision for the video. We had suckered @TheGuidance standing next to us and I was going to fake hit @Insane_521 in the nuts while he was drinking water and have him spit water in Cliffs innocent face, BOOM instant classic video from TRS… BUT NO, Cory was too much of a sissy to do it, so he just stood there drinking water as I hit him in the balls, Cliff smells something fishy and bolts like a frightened doe. So in a fit of rage(because my vision was ruined), I unleashed my fury on him.

And that’s how we do it on Evolve Stage 2.


I smell a new series of TRS:
Cory vs Brandon
The war of the crit spots begins


You’re critical hit was more than x2.5 but less than x3 :stuck_out_tongue:


So this video was actually about inappropriate touching.