Critical death


So I was in the shower and this hit me like a kick in the nuts…

What do you all think of there being a critical death chance? Like saying you’re playing as Wraith. You use abduct and snatch the Medic, she was already pretty beat up so it doesn’t take much to down her, and you had plenty of time to pound on her crippled body until you Kill her, but upon landing that killing strike the game calculates that this last hit is going to finish her off and all of a sudden you and the medic are treated to a cool little animation of the Wraith impairing her on her claw then slinging her into her mouth and munching her up “OMNOMNOM!” and You(the wraith player) gain a little bit of Armor…

It wouldn’t happen all the time, but there would be like a one it ten shot of it happening like how sometimes in Skyrim your killing blow makes you decapitate a dude, or when a dragon lands a killing blow sometimes it snaps you up in its mouth and shakes you like a rag doll…



It’d look cool, but I think it’d only really work for certain monsters, and you’d want to restrict it to melee attacks. For example, neither Kraken nor Wraith seem to be the kind of creature that would just flat out pick up a dude and eat them. Goliath and Behemoth on the other hand? I can see it happening.


And then you’d have RNG ruining Lazarus as a medic. Not a good idea.


then they don’t work on Lazarus… Problem solve


People despise sudden bursts of RNG like this. The cool factor may seem alright but tying it to an instant death and outright avoiding a downed state is fun for no one. Let’s not reduce the game to an RNG fest. Aspects that help promote strategy should never be removed in favor of RNG. RNG is the very definition of anti-fun.

As a monster I have a hard enough time finding valuable opponents. I don’t want to have an even easier time in my already easy fights, and I don’t want players that have a difficult time fighting me, or other monsters, to get frustrated by bad mechanics.


Sorry but what is RNG? xD


Random Number Generated :smiley_cat:


I never said it would skip the “I’m downed, come help me!” Part. I just thought it would be a nice little bit of flair for when you land the killing strike. I don’t know we’re all this anti-RNG & “It will insta-kill players” stuff is coming from… lol


I know where it came from. Trying to type coherent responses after having taken 10 MG of flexeril.

Sorry, haha.


It’s all good. I only mind misunderstandings when they can’t be cleared up… XD