Crippling Hunter Bug

Playing with @Shin and in the second round, I could not swap weapons or use my jetpack. No matter what. Taking a break solved nothing. Hotswapping did nothing. I was able to use my Healing Burst and Speed Boost, and I could fire Napalm, but I could not swap weapons.

So I hotswap to Lennox when she’s incapped, and Shinkachu revives me.

I stay on the pistol. :laughing:


This bug didn’t leave in the final round. We took a loss for it.

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I couldn’t cloak the next round…

Yes, and when I hotswapped to Lennox her shield was dysfunctional. Fortunately the healburst worked.

No way to test the dome, obviously.

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Lennox with just a pistol?
What did it look like for others? O.O

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Pistol. ~shrugs~
Bugs are kind that way.


I don’t want to “like” the post because I do not enjoy that particular bug