Creeping around Chris Ashton's YouTube like ya do. Gold dust acquired

So, someone on the Evolve SubReddit reposted Chris Ashton’s Youtube, which gives some amazing insight into the games Pre-Alpha and production stage, showing some cool things that were thunk up in the crazy place that is TRS. Whilst some of it made it in, Kraken’s Lightning Strike, Kraken’s ShockShield in a way becoming Aftershock and our beloved Daisy, a lot didn’t make it and seeing why not is pretty cool.

However, I spotted this video hidden in all the cool footage. Some familiar faces in there too, prepare yourselves for some hilarious @Shaners and @DamJess shenanigans! (Might be some others, couldn’t recognise anyone right out the bat!)


That is a great party game!


From left to right: @GentlemanSquirl, Plant Chris, @SpaceKittens, Shaners, DamJess, ?, ?, @MrStrategio


Woops. Did I say right to left? I meant left to right. xD


I would like to see Chris’ face after he spots this thread.


Just to make sure he does :stuck_out_tongue: @MacMan

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heres to hoping he doesn’t set the channel to private for us being a lil stalkery. I need that precious raw footage of the rock eaters man.


The Evolve stuff is from “The Development of Evolve” thread. Search for it and read it. Much more information there. :smile:


Don’t worry, he just brushed off us being really stalkerish @Optimus_PrimeRib. We’re safe. For now.


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I still have some more milestone vids to show. Will get to it when things slow down a bit.


Excellent! Can’t wait!

You guys need to play Heads Up with drunk people OMG it’s hilarious!

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It’s Me, Chris (Level designer), his lady Liz, @Shaners, @DamJess, Thomas “The Judge” (Level Designer), Jaime Sue(Tech lead) and @Strat. @MacMan was filming!


The BEST part of that night was when “Left 4 Dead” popped up & everyone pointed at Chris Ashton as the “clue” lol Many laughs were had!


Agreed. I think @DamJess Has the video from the camera’s perspective that was on my head.


Yo Mac always wanted to ask.How does it feel to have created one of the best games ever created? A game that will always be remember in the list together with Half-life, Portal etc.

Like, its 2015 and i’m working at a Internet Cafe and now and then we will open it with the friends and play some LAN games.Even if we have played all the campaign missions for like 10 times we will still do it.Simply because i can’t think of any better co-op experience for 4 players.

Also kids that are not older than 14 who they think the only game in the world is League of Legends, they open it now and then and play

Just…props to you man and your team.

(Sorry but i’ve been here for almost 1 year and i felt like i should have already said this. :stuck_out_tongue: )


I always like seeing L4D stuff around. I remember the first time I saw some of the Think Geek crew dressed up as the survivors. That’s when it suddenly felt like the game broke out of just being a video game and had gained a social presence.

I’m definitely proud to have been on that team. The same is true for Evolve. Though it doesn’t have that nostalgia yet, I think it will when we look back on it. For now though, lots of crazy stuff still to do with Evolve. In fact, I gotta get back to it. :wink:


Never played games like this with anyone. o.O

You should try it, it’s fun. :smile:

With who? ^.-

Its L4D dude :stuck_out_tongue: Almost everyone has it.Do you play Evolve together with someone?One day when you will all be bored tell em to open L4D ;p

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