Creep Attack (biggest bug ever)


Whit all Monsters i play when i, to cower and i make a creep Attack after the creep the monster ,to arrange´´ this is soooo sucking when your have enemy hunter griffin. Patch this. (I know my engich is not the best im german sorry).


I’ll try to transelate what you are saying:

You are either complaining about the monster crouching when you sneak, slow down when you sneak, that you can’t move while the hunter is pinned down or that the monster can’t sneak attack a sound sensor. Not quite sure.

Write what you are saying in german and use this, atleast it would be a bit easier for us to understand:


Confused. :confused:


After each Creep Attack the monster vice automatically out which is annoying, especially if you Griffin in opponents team. You can sneak true, but is constantly unmasked since it sets itself up automatically after each sneak attack. Furthermore, it has very often the fault if you somewhere climbs the the montser ever hinstellt although creeps and so always leave some footprints.


Ok, I see. You are complaining that you exit sneak mode after a sneak attack.

If I remember correctly, it’s something that’s not ever going to be changed. It works like this on purpose.
Because sneaking is extremely easy. That’s why you exit sneak when sneak attacking, so that you atleast have to pay a tiny bit of attention. Anyway, if you hit sneak again without moving you leave no tracks. Just remember to take it slow and be careful. :wink:


do it in german, i’ll translate :smiley:


@MrTalhaI Know and after sneak attack i dont move and sneak instandly again but Griffin Sensor track your.


Folgendes Problem, nach jedem Schleichangriff stell sich das Montser automatisch hin, das ist nervig und ägerlich besonders wenn Griffin im Gegnerteam ist da man im Sensor sofort gemeldet wird. Außerdem stellt sich das Monster sehr ofr aber nach dem Klettern automatich hin und man hinterlässt ungewollt die ein oder andere Fußspur.


Ok, the problem is, that the Monster starts running after a sneak attack and it’s bothering espacially when Griffin is in the Hunter Team, because, after a step, you gonna trigger the sound spikes. It happens sometimes after climbing too and you leave unwillingly (<- is that a word?) tracks


Edit. I forget the permanet freeze moment before make sneak attacks! A lot of times u start sneak attack and nothing happend your can not move more, your can to free your whit this with melee attacks and pinnnnng good player new your postion now.


[quote=“Wednesday13, post:9, topic:56790, full:true”]unwillingly (<- is that a word?)

Yes, but you used it improperly in that sentence. It is an adverb and in English it should come before the verb. The verb in this case is “leave” so it should be “you unwillingly leave tracks”


It makes sense that a pounce would take you out of stealth.

If you miss, you do still launch your monster like 20 feet across the map, that’s gotta make noise.

If you land pounce, then you start hammering the ground with arms the size of tree-trunks. that’s a noise maker as well.


I’m confused, I hate grammar but thanks